How to Make the Sun and Mercury positive

August 19, 2013

Sometimes, despite you being very knowledgeable, being well-versed in the work, and being hard working,  your colleagues and boss may not acknowledge your work or trust you with any responsiblity.

At the same time, some people complain that they keep helping others, but no one trusts them. If you suffer from these problems, where you aren't able to get the reputation and respect you expect after you do some good work, then read on.

Whenever Sun or Mercury are negative, or if they're effected by Rahu or Shani, then others don't believe the talents of the person or trust the person.


- you talk too much

- try talking to the point and also try listening to the other person's point of view so you don't become selfish or are considered selfish by others

- when you talk, you taunt others and give your own examples to prove to others that they should become like him/her

- you put forth your past experiences, your own relationships in such a way strong way that it puts off the listener

Remedies for the above symptoms: Once a year, give your father's sister a red cloth as present; donate raw wheat on any Sunday; donate a goat to a temple on a Tuesday

Other remedies:

- make a resolution, which may be hard for you: speak less and smile more; limit your speech especially in front of the elderly; whenever you speak, do speak 70% for other people and 30% for your self.

- put a bit of mustard oil in some earthen container and bury it in some lonely spot on a Wednesday - do this on any Wednesday once a month for a long time until people's trust on you increases

- do 125,000 mantra chants of any goddess while holding a copper bracelet in your hand and wear it in your right hand on Shuklapaksh-Wednesday; this will improve your personality and other's belief in you


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