How to Make Kids Active

August 27, 2012

You need to increase your energy levels to be more active. A lazy person does

An active person will learn things from others and do them as he's energetic.

Moon and Mars need to be strong to make the person active.

If Rahu is also strong, then it make make you active in negative spheres.

If your parents or one of your parents is lazy then the child may also be lazy.

Have some goals in life, this will help you become active. Find your goals and work on them, the work itself will provide energy. Fat people are also lazy.

Hormonal problems, pollution, sleeping and getting up late, sadness, these cause laziness.

Negativity or people who make negative comments about others also makes people lazy and dull.

Houses where people dispute or quarrel a lot - kids of those households are also lazy.

Moon & Mars also cause dullness and inactivity. Even your thoughts will be dull. You'll also have problems understanding others, or it may take you a while to understand others.

For Moon & Mars, to be active:
For 5 minutes exercise your hands, shoulder and back and then meditate.
Walk on green grass barefoot.
Eat Jayfal or drink it as/in tea.
Drink water or milk from a silver glass.
Take a lemon and rub it on your head (utarkar) a few times. Throw it somewhere and take a shower.
Rub a pencil in your feet before sleeping or any time.
Clap your hands loudly.
Never stay with lazy people.
Stay with active and positive people.
Keep your haircut short.
Jaitun massage or Kapoor in Coconut or Peppermint in Coconut Oil and massage your lower back (pindli).
If your Sun is positive, wear Manik/Moonga/ or Nili in copper ring, but your behavioral change is more effective than any stones you wear.
Dhaniya or pudina juice will also make you active.
Dhaniya seeds soak in water at night, drink in morning.
Drink turmeric milk.

Keep a goal.
Stay with positive people.
Don't wear too tight clothing - nor too loose.


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