How to Keep Your Money Safe From Others

September 02, 2012

Whether you know it or not, there may be some people who may be eyeing your wealth. Below are some astrological tips to help you keep your money and property safe from others.

  • In general, if Mars is negative, you'll lose your money on your own.
  • On your palm, if a triangle or a square have too many lines cutting in or if there's a dot in them then someone can take your money from you.
  • Also, if your fate line is wavy or if it's not too strong and there's line cutting it from Venus, then also you should be careful about your money.
  • Donate some part of your wealth to people who don't have it.
  • Have a sfatik/crystal shivling at home and have the elders put water on it with "panchamrit".
  • Do Maa Baglamukhi anushthan.
  • If someone has put their dirty eye on your wealth, take some earth from a graveyard/shamshaan, put some dried yoghurt, 7 anaaj, and cow's dung, make a shivling out of it and do puja of it.
  • Plant a peepal tree every month.
  • If someone takes over your land, get rudrabhishek done on your land. Eat food on your land.
  • For 43 days, take 2 basil leaves and 2 laung and while concentrating on the person who took your land - have it flow in water. After this, if you have to fight then fight, you'll get your land back.
  • Take some soil from the place that you own but has been overtaken by others and put it in a red cloth. Put it in front of the feet of a Ganpati idol. Do the necessary struggles/court fights as they arise. You'll get it back if it truly belongs to you.


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