How to improve your willpower?

August 10, 2013

If your willpower is strong, then with the use of your brain, you can overcome any situation and get out of it without much problem.

You can see how strong your willpower is from your thumb. The higher the upper part of the thumb, the more willpower the person has. If the tip of the thumb bends towards the palm, it shows a weak willpower. Such people may not be able to get the desired results despite having a good birth chart/planetary combinations.

If the thumb is straight and big, it shows the willpower is strong. In this case, if you work harder on your will power then with the help of your will power, you can multiply the benefits from the positive planets in your horoscope. For example, if you were supposed to get a $50 - you can manage to get $75 with your will power.

If the thumb is straight and bent a bit backwards, then you have a great ability to be in harmony with any situation. This allows you to get good results by combining that with your will power.

The more powerful your main planet (mukhkya graha in Hindi), the more willpower you have, hence the ability to overcome bad situations faster by taking the correct decisions. If the main planet is strong, then the person always takes correct decisions.

If the main planet is weak, then the will power also weakens and you are unable to face the situation.

You need to develop your brain and mind to improve your will power. This can be done through:

  • meditation - start sitting in mediation and think about yourself.
  • with the help of a Guru
  • pranayam also helps with this
  • if you do accupressure on the thumbs, that too makes your brain active
  • inspiration - take inspiration from someone; when you get inspired, you are basically taking a form of energy within you which starts changing you. The inspiration can be from someone, from a sentence, a friend, a thing....anything. It will improve Mars and the neutral planets (which give you results based on your work) will start giving you positive results.
  • changing an environment also helps
  • "swaranbhasm"- it's usage gets rid of phobias and fears, but it needs to be taken under guidance of someone who knows how it should be used
  • "ashwagand"- its usage will give you confidence and make you calm and give you the ability to overcome your bad situation.
  • usage of copper is also advised for people with lower will-power - even drinking from a copper vessel.
  • doing fasts also improves will-power. Start by making a resolution that you will not eat for 3 hours let's say and abide by that. Then say you won't eat for the next 4 hours...and keep practicing until you are able to abstain from food for a day.


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