How to Improve Your Decision Making Power

December 01, 2013

Sometimes, good opportunities come for only a short period of time. If you take the right decision at the right time, it can change your life forever. So, learn how to improve your ability to take the right decisions - at the right time!

Your destiny is not pre-determined and you can always change your fate if you take the right decisions. Below are some indications on the hand with which you can understand your decision making and work on improving them.

On your palm:

If the mind line originates from the life line where the mind line is connected to the life line, then you won't be able to take decisions without someone's advice.

If the life line is short and is kindy of wavy, then your decision making power is very weak. In this case, either you will not take a decision, you may take the wrong decision, or you will decide something that you will not be able to stick with which will cause you problems.

If your life line breaks in between or if your life line is short, then your decisions will be rash and you won't be able to decide correctly.

If your life line just drops downwards (without a big curve), then you will have problems taking right decisions or the ability to take decisions.

If your heart line is mostly straight - not curvy, and is too close to the fingers and stops under the mount of Saturn/Shani, then too you either won't be able take decisions, your decisions may be taken in haste, or they may be taken too late for them to give any positive results.

People whose mind line and life line do not run together on the palm usually take their decisions on their own without any consideration for whether the decision will be in accordance to others. If the gap between the 2 lines is big, it causes problems in one's married life. As a remedy, such people shouldn't wear much of red colored clothing, donate sweets (batasha) on Tuesdays, and wear a silver chain around their neck to keep Venus positive.


1. The most important this is to make your mind stronger, for this:

  • Start eating coconut and drinking coconut water
  • Increase your calcium intake
  • If you don't have problems with cold, then do take Brahmi.
  • Eat 5 almonds and a walnut regularly.

2. Make your pre-frontal lobe stronger, for this: learn to meditate and start meditating

3. People whose main planet is strong also take the correct and timely decisions, so work on making your main planet positive and balanced.


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