June 09, 2014

The thumb is a very good indicator of how good one is in keeping relationships. The relationships can be in the professional or personal sphere, but the skills needed to maintain or develop new ones are the same. See the insights your thumb can give regarding this. There are some behavioral and astrological remedies mentioned at the bottom if you're one of those who needs them.

First see the divisions of the thumb in the picture below.
divsions of the thumb

Part A - the tip of the thumb shows flexibility or how adjustable one is. It shows how well one can adjust to others who are very different in nature  to the individual. The more backward bent the thumb is at the tip, the more easily one can change his behavior and give space to the other person. This makes the person more comfortable when they talk to each other. Such people are able to listen to others and give them good advice. They are also able to read others' minds easily and adapt themselves to the situation. If the tip is too flexible and gets bent backwards very easily, it shows an inability to take decisions on one's own and they person may rely on others to take decisions for them.

Part B - First phalange of the thumb - if this part is bigger in comparison to the others, then it shows that the person is not able to connect relationships to emotions easily.

In this case, if A is not flexible then such a person only gets in to relationships for his own selfish reasons or due there being no other choice.

If Jupiter is weak in this case, then such a person becomes very arrogant. As long as they have talent/position, people listen to them, but when they don't have that talent/position or if someone more intelligent than them takes over, then such an individual has no one around him. Such people need to be very cordial in their behavior with others so they don't scare away people.

If B is much bigger than C, then this makes the individual highly argumentative. Such a person initially wants to maintain his distance with others due to considering himself superior, but eventually it's others who choose not to be in the company of such an individual. Along with this, if a person has a fish mark at the end of the life line, then such an individual is left with no company and the person is compelled to live abroad mostly alone. This situation can be changed with one's willpower and through big spiritual practice for a couple of years.

If part C is bigger than B, then such an individual is very loved by others. Along with this, if the mount of Moon is very big too, then such a person thinks a lot, but also wins over people.

If both B and C are equal, then it shows very good relationships. Such people can become very rich on the basis of relationships as they manage all their relationships very well.

If part D is non-existent or is very small, then no one loves such a person. Others can flatter him or be with him due to compulsions, but there won't be true love - not even from their life partner as such individuals cause others to not love them due to their stubbornness or through their greedy behavior. However, if A (tip is bent backwards) and C (big in size) are positive, then even if the D part is not there, then the person will breeze through any problems.

If E is angular, then it makes one popular and loved by others. If such people are honest, not arrogant, not lustful, then they can get a lot through relationships - even Rajyog.

When the tip of the thumb - point A is slightly bent backwards, part B & C are equal in size, and part D is about an inch in size, then it shows a lot of love and support in relationships. Their relationships at the workplace is also good. Their bosses usually think of them when thinking about whom to promote even if the person does nothing to ask for a promotion. They get good response from others in all their relationships and they even get good fame due to their relationships.

heart line reaches Jupiter finger
If the heart line reaches the base of the Jupiter finger, then such a person has many friends and even followers. People support them a lot. The line should not be chained. They may take a while to win over everyone as they are very direct and don't believe in kissing up to anyone as they are very honest and believe in doing their work honestly. When they do make friends, they remain friends forever. However, if there are lines going downwards from the heart line, it shows that they will get love, but not forever - there won't be stability in love. Along with these lines, if the tip of the thumb is too flexible, then it shows negative vibes in them which causes others to be away from them despite no fault of theirs.

If the palm is very wide and the fingers are short, then too the person gets and gives less person. If such a palm becomes stiff, then the person becomes very egoistic and possessive, which causes the relationships to fail. If the thumb also becomes stiff and stands at a 90 degree angle, then the person becomes extremely egoistic. Such people complain about how none of their relationships succeed. It is only when ego is surrendered that one succeeds in relationships.

If there is a parallel line going along with the life line - it can be straight or curvy or just going upwards, then any lines going downwards from this line shows that such an individual may have friends, but they usually deceive the individual (in work or emotion-wise). The relationships of such a person don't succeed for some reason. To avoid being alone, such an individual needs to learn relationship management as they start fearing making any relationships.

Such people may also face problems at work too.

If lines such as the ones in the image below cut across the life line, then it shows that relationships may be the cause of obstacles in one's success. Such a person needs to be very patient and move forward in a way where the person's relationships don't cause any bad effect on their future.

relationship troubles on lifeline

Behavioral remedies for any of the negative conditions mentioned above:

  • Get rid of vani-dosh
  • Give extra time to your relationships if you want to improve your relationships. Understand others.
  • Jupiter and Venus cause a lot of ego, so it's necessary to rid oneself of egoistic behavior. If you say something wrong, apologize and forget anything bad said by the other person. Remember, that self-esteem is not ego.
  • Get rid of obsessions and possessive behavior.
  • Stop being suspicious of others.
  • Stop being critical - caused by Shani, Rahu, and Ketu. When one criticizes, it creates some negative vibes that the other person catches even if you think you're not being negative.
  • Try to adapt to situations.
  • Maintain a diary of people who are important to you and make sure you remember to wish them on their birthdays or meet them regularly.
  • Learn to listen to others patiently.
  • Don't make false promises.
  • Try to say nice things to others as a means of motivating them - this does not mean unnecessary flattery.

Astrological Remedies:

If you have analyzed yourself and realize that you have no faults that may cause others to have problems with you, then do the following astrological remedies:

  • Grind tagar, haritaal, and kesar together and use that as a tilak.
  • Do mantra of "om braham namah" or "om shrim namah". There's a misconception that the "om shrim namah" mantra is only for money. It is actually for getting rid of debt and getting a positive reputation.
  • Light a lamp with sesame oil and do Shiv puja to get more friends.
  • Wear a gomti chakra in silver pendant around your neck if you have many problems from friends.


RIKIN - 3 years ago 
I have downward branches from heartline. I want a remedies for the same.

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