How to improve relations between brothers

October 17, 2013

The love between brothers is starting to decrease - this can even be seen in very young children so it's a problem that requires special attention for the sake of these children and their parents.

This is caused by a disturbed Mars.

If the 3rd or the 11th house is disturbed, then too, one does not get the love of his brother.


- in general, people who are honest have good relations with their brothers as well as sisters.

- if the fights with your brother(s) are increasing, then don't live in close proximity with him

- make sure you do and say things after careful deliberation and give respect to your brother - don't share too many things with him

- if there are too many problems between brothers, take 3, 5, or 11 empty containers (ideally, sugar bori), and place them on the roof of your home, this should help 

- offer sweet milk to the 'bargad' tree on Tuesdays - needs to be done by both the brothers.

- if the problem between brothers is caused by outsiders, offer coconut to Bhairav baba on Amavasya after encircling it 7 times over your heads - this needs to be done regardless of whether the brothers go to the temple together or not.

- sometimes, a brother who is richer decides to move away from the rest of the family so others don't take away his money. If this is the case, do ratri-sukt paath at night, it will make the brother who has gone away to come back.

What should parents do?

- Parents should never compare their children.

- The child who is emotionally weak should be given support - but not at the expense of the attention to the other child. 

- Keep tulsi plants in the home and have the brothers water it

- Do gayatri yag on Tuesdays or Sundays - make sure everyone takes part in this.


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