How to Get Rid of Pitra Dosh

September 19, 2013

Pitra-paksh is starting tomorrow for the next 15 days..

Isht, Acharya, and Pitra Rin are the 3 debts that effect each person. These 3 debts need to be gotten rid of as much as possible. The remedies for these 3 debts will help you live peacefully.

So elders must be respected, a good Guru must be followed along with the worship of one's isht.

The pitra-paksh is a good period to get rid of pitra dosh.

Pitra dosh manifests itself in the form of quarrels between family members any time they sit together despite a lot of love between them, not having any success in anything major in life - marriage or work, and a household which is not progressive.

Mercury, Jupiter, Rahu, and Shani all start giving bad results due to Pitra dosh. It causes one to not marry or if they do, then the marriage doesn't last long or there are many problems in the married life.

How to worship:

- anyone above 3 years old can do prayers for pitra dosh - including girls and women.

- during these 15 days, face the South after getting ready and start doing the mantra "om pitra devay namaha, om pitra shanti bhava". Do this while offering water to the Pitra from an earthen container in a way that it doesn't touch the feet. Make sure there are black sesame seeds in the water.

- these remedies should be done during pitrak-paksh, pitra-visarjni amavasya, mauni-amavasya, and every amavasya. Along with this, one should also try to do yag or yag in a huge group.

- always feed the animals and birds in the home so they are never hungry.

- don't wear torn shoes and socks and garments

- make sure your home is clean and organized - do this as much as possible and without getting irritated

- never humiliate a learned person in your home and never let them leave your home empty -handed

- people who have pitra dosh should make it a habit to greet every elder they meet on their way - try to help them out in any way possible; go sit with them and meet them sometimes to make them happy

- if you don't have time to do the remedies for Pitra Paksh - at least do gayatri mantra in front of the Sun everyday; along with this, offer milk or milk-products to the elderly; give at least 5 almonds to your servants on Sundays

You can use this video to help you stay focused on the gayatri mantra:

Here's the pitra mantra:


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