How to Correctly Celebrate Your Birthday

September 01, 2012

Our fate changes on each birthday.

Birthday is a day to fix any future issues that may come up in the coming 12 months. So make sure you do at least some if not all of the following on your birthday:

  1. You must always see the sunrise on your birthday after taking a shower. Do surya puja / Sun worship - then pray to your isht, do the mantra for your main planet/ mukhya graha and also the lord/planet that rules your zodiac sign/ rashi swami.
  2. Do "isht ka bhog" and feed some poor people.
  3. Then wear the metal and/or thread related to your mukhya graha - ideally given by your mother or father, anyone old, or teacher. This will help you fight off diseases. It'll also keep bad luck away.
  4. Everyone goes through the period of "markesh"/bad times, so you should do remedies for your markesh period on your birthday - donate blood on your birthday or donate old clothes and shoes.
  5. Anytime during the day, do puja/worship of the negative planets in your birthchart and do donation related to the negative planets.
  6. Get rudrabhishek done if you foresee bad effects on you during your markesh period in the coming year. This procedure will take about 2 to 3 hours. Alternatively, go to your place of worship and sit for a while. Gift something to the important people/pandit/gurus there. Also take a coconut and raise it above your head, move it 360degrees and then throw it in some river or ocean.
  7. If you can, save some money on your birthday to take care of a cow, dog, crow, or guru or whomever you'd like to donate to. Take the money and encircle it above your head and put it aside in your puja/ place of worship. Donate the money as and when you meet the person whom you'd like to give the money to.


sanna - 4 years ago 
Thank you very much for rhis informative post.
Rahul - 4 years ago 
Very good information ji

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