How to Control Your Anger?

September 06, 2012

Moon + Mars = cause a lot of anger

Anger should be controlled otherwise it's a big issue which can cause problems in the future.

Aries - Start drinking water/milk in a silver glass. Do Om at least for a minute every morning and evening. Don't eat heavy food at night.

Taurus - Start looking at the Sun and do Gayatri Mantra if possible.

Gemini - Stay away from the color green. Feed green grass to cows and make sure you feel the cow and pet it while/after eating. Leave green vegetables at a place where there's a lot of water.

Cancer - Your anger can cause a mental imbalance in the future. You also have a lot of mood swings. So you need to control your anger a lot. Wear a sfatik necklace. Do japa of Devi and krishna ji.

Leo - You are generally full of a lot of anger. Watch sunrise, wear a red thread in your neck with your isht's yantra. If you don't know your isht, then on Mondays, wear a silver ring in your index finger. Drink water and keep taking deep breaths.

Virgo - Satsang, be with a guru, sit in your place of worship for a while, wear a yellow thread in your right hand, going for a stroll after drinking some water in the morning.

Libra - Usually, these people are calm, but if they start getting anger, it effects their health. Sit under a peepal tree and meditate, use peepal tree's branch as a toothbrush, give water to Peepal tree on Saturdays. Try not to pile on too much work, it will also make you angry.

Scorpio - You have a lot of anger, some people just don't show anger, but you can burst sometimes or you show anger a few times during the day. Start wearing pink, yellow, and white. Take a green bottle and fill it with water. Keep it in front of sun light only for 11 days, put it away at night. Put wood under the bottle. Start taking a few drops after waking up. Start meditating.

Sagittarius - Normally, they don't have a lot of anger. They sometimes are very egoistic which causes anger. Always wear a silver ring in your middle finger or thumb. The ring shouldn't have any joints in it. If you don't increase your knowledge, your anger will start increasing. So, keep studying, talking to intelligent people, anything to increase your knowledge as you were born with a great knowledge which needs to increase even more.

Capricorn - Stay away from red color. Wear cream and white colors. You can wear Moonga in a silver chain if your anger is controlled. If your anger isn't controlled, then wear a sfatik necklace. Also, take water/milk from mother in the morning. Take a conch and put it in a pot full of water and then drink the water in the morning. If you put the water in a silver glass and then drink it, the effects will be even more.

Aquarius - You can get agitated and you're not used to saying sorry, which causes problems. If you can get iron/copper/silver coins which have a hole in the middle, then wear those in your neck in a black thread. Or take a Bichhu Ghas root and wear it in a black thread in your neck.
Stop talking and walking fast, this will decrease your anger.

Pisces - You can get wildly angry briefly, but afterwards you don't compromise afterwards. You don't say sorry for your mistakes. Wear a copper/silver ring in your thumb. Drink coconut water everyday. Eat saunf, mishri, and coconut.

Make sure you teach a child to say sorry when they get angry to make sure they don't turn into angry personalities.

If you want to protect yourself from Grahan Dosh - when Rahu-Ketu disturb your Moon and Sun then it effects your mental peace - keep a piece of silver with you at all times, distribute/donate Gangajal. For disturbance to Sun, keep a piece of copper with you at all times, and do Gayatri Yag on Sundays.

Listen to this video to hear the correct pronunciation of the gayatri mantra: 


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