How to Care For Your Mother?

November 18, 2013

Moon is represented by one's mother and is one of the planets that must always be balanced for every individual. This is another reason that one should always take care of his mother.

Let's Address Some Misconceptions First:

One's mother's health depends on many things - but is NEVER caused by some wrong planetary combinations of the children. For instance, a child's birth chart may indicate some health problems to the mother or father, but their birth chart is never a CAUSE of their health issues.

Remedies are the same for both sons and daughters.

Children whose mount of Moon (the lower-left side on the right palm) is going outward or if there is a mole or spot in this area, need to to be more careful about the health of their mothers. They should ensure that their mother is getting a balanced diet and is getting enough sleep. The mount of Moon going outwards indicates that your mother may be a light sleeper or gets easily worried, which doesn't allow her to take proper rest.

Remedy for such cases:

- take cumin seed/jeera powder and ashwagandh powder in equal quantity and ask your mother to take it mornings and evenings - under medical supervision.

- ask your mother to go for walks

- ask her to walk on grass without any shoes which will improve the body's immunity

Children who live away from their mothers can take care of their mothers with the help of the following remedies:

  • start meditating on "om" and as you become stronger start concentrating on giving energy to your mother.
  • sit in meditation with your palms facing upwards, ask your isht to give your mother more energy - envision yourself accepting energy from your isht and then envision giving it to your mother
  • if your mother is ill, take a coconut that has water in it and have it touch the following river, then keep the water next to the river (in a way that the river water keeps touching the coconut). This is so you don't pollute the river.

New Mothers:

If the mother starts getting ill after delivery (this may also include mood swings or any other mental issue), she should start doing the mantra chant of "om narayan namo namaha" or the chant of "om hring namaha" with the help of the kamalgatta beads. This will help get rid of the toxic elements in the body and help increase the body's energy. 


Ritu - 4 years ago 
How to take care of ill old mother who is not getting well dispite of taking medicines

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