How to become successful in life?

August 14, 2013

This is only beneficial for those who dream and who make efforts to fulfill those dreams. Astrology is not for people who want to sit and get everything for free. Fate is not completely pre-determined as one always has a chance to write/re-write it if one is willing.

Categories of fate:

1. People with good Moon and Venus - give good fate forever. Such people don't get troubles in general, and if they do, then the problems go away slowly. This is a rare category, where these people don't have to work too hard.
When the doors of your life are closed - it is bad fate. As long as the doors are open - the fate is considered good.
Depression happens in people who think the doors of their life are closed.

2. People with good Sun, Moon, and Jupiter - They have a lot of failures in life and have to do great struggles in one part of their life. Their doors don't close throughout life. Such people get success after a lot of hard-work and success. Due to their home, they're always under some responsibility. They have a successful life and great old age.

3. People whose fate depends on Shani or Rahu - they have to struggle throughout life. They have to fight their own and their family's illnesses - mental stress is also a type of illness. Sometimes they may not succeed due to these illnesses. They aren't able to take decisions for some reason and when they do, the decision proves to be wrong. Such people have debt for some reason or the other, but their work/projects do not stop. They will have their own house and even vehicle, but these will be only after a lot of struggle. Such people keep losing many times - this brings them many ups and downs in life.

4. People whose Sun and Jupiter are positive - such people have successes for sure, but not without hard work. They have many enemies, who are a cause of loss to these people. They need to win over their enemies, after which they get success otherwise they won't (if the lose their battles with the enemies).

Despite a lot of hard-work and struggles, many people aren't able to achieve name and fame. There are many intelligent people based on whose intelligence others have achieved fame, but the adviser has not been able to get anywhere. So what's the problem in such people?

The problem is with the mukhya graha/main planet and it may not even be strong in Navaamsh. This requires special prayers to God.

Sometimes, mukhya graha causes impoverishment - this causes the benefits (including happiness) to be temporary.

If the main planet is with Ketu, Mars, and Shani, then you can't become big without special prayers, otherwise, the person can even lose property they've inherited.

It is the mukhya graha that causes death. And if the nakshatra of the mukhya graha is also not supporting, then this causes a grave situation.

The combination between Moon and Shani causes a very bad state. The weak Moon which is also weak in Navaamsh does not allow a good fate. This even causes the father to not trust the capability of the son and not lend him money for business.

If there is Rahu, Ketu, or Shani before or after Moon, then it makes the Moon weak and your fate can not rise.

The Moon causes you to lose all your wealth and you can't even live an ordinary life. It can also cause problems that can cause problems that can be seem as bad as death.


  • Pray to your isht - meditate
  • Do tratak
  • Do satsang - to improve Moon and Jupiter (there must be some intelligent talks of knowledge)
  • If your fate always keeps failing, then start talking less. Speak limited.
  • Be disciplined and patient - "sambhaav"
  • Don't tell about your plans to everyone, just a select few who can help you with your work. Keep secrecy.
  • Dream big and start hard to achieve them.
  • Don't stay awake till late - do your work in the day. If you're already big, then there's no problem in staying up till late.
  • While sleeping, concentrate on your isht and your goal while keeping supari, kamalgatta, or rudraksh. Then put it under your pillow.
  • Put both feet on the floor after getting up and then think about isht.
  • Don't keep company of lazy people.
  • Don't be in the company of people whose planets are negative.
  • Any person, whose mouth and body stinks without any disease, then stay physically away from such person. Don't share everything with such person.

Choose a Guru and respect him. You may not be able to find him, if your planets aren't good or you won't respect him properly, or you won't be able to connect with his soul - you'll only have the outer connection.
Take care of your father, which may not be easy for you for whatever reason if your planets aren't allowing it.
Donate coal to the poor on Saturdays if you notice any problems like the inability to choose a Guru or take care of your father..

  • Gift silver to parents, sister, father's sister, isht, Guru, or in water.
  • Make sure you donate bricks - to temple, or some poor person - do it once or twice in your life.
  • Kanyadaan - can also be done at least once in life.
  • Bhatti/stove donation.
  • Do remedies for pitra dosh.
  • Wear a silver chain taken from mother on a Monday.
  • Take brahmi and ashwagandh (you should also wear it)
  • Don't be emotional in front of the opposite sex
  • On Saturdays, write your goal on bhojpatra, keep them in your diary, and donate them in Ganga once you have too many of them.
  • Maintain an "isht-naam diary. Write your goal on it and then your isht's name for 108 times.
  • Don't do anything important on amavasya, chaturthi, navmi
  • Give up non-vegetarian food.
  • Do special prayers, fast, and remedies on your isht's day.
  • Read Gita's 4, 7, 11th chapters everyday.
  • Break the mango or "ber" tree's baandha in the correct way and do its puja/prayer. Then put it in a red cloth on Tuesday and wear it.

Even if you do just 5 or 6 of these for a long time regularly, then they will help you become big in life.


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