How To Become a Good Orator

March 24, 2014

What is required to be a good orator?

Being a good orator require a good subject, one's words should match one's emotions, self-confidence, ability to think and speak with coordination. All of this requires concentration. If concentration breaks, then one will not be able to combine good thoughts with good speech.

Which planets are required to speak well?

Mercury and Moon need to be positive and strong for one to speak in a nice manner.

Signs and remedies for bad Mercury or bad Mercury and Moon combination:

Mercury will not allow one's thoughts to match one's words or one will start getting stuck while speaking due to a poor Mercury. As a remedy, wear a "vidhaara" root in your neck. Check your tongue for any whiteness, if there is some white layer, then make sure you clean your tongue properly and take vitamin C in any form - you can increase your lemon or amla intake for instance.

When your Mercury is very weak, your tongue may not be formed properly - it may be too thick or too thin. When Mercury and Moon are both in a negative state, then it makes one lose his words, emotions, or thoughts. Additionally, if Mercury is retrograde, then one has a tendency to do things too fast and one is not able to explain things properly. As a remedy, start speaking slowly and saying every word properly. You can also take "kulanjan" herb under medical supervision, which will prove very beneficial in this case.

Another remedy to improve your speech is to put a conch in a copper vessel, fill it with 2 glasses of water at night and drink it in the morning. This will help you speak without any fumbling or hesitation in your speech.


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