How to be focused on life's goals?

October 17, 2013

Getting material things (buying a car or property) or passing some exams can be your immediate goals and short term aims but these can not be your life's purpose.

Once you know your know life's purpose, the biggest challenge is sticking to it. Learn how you can make sure you do not stray from your path to achieve your immediate goals or your life's purpose.

Many people don't know their life's purpose. So, how do you find out your life's purpose if you don't know what it is? You can either think about your life's purpose or have an astrologer figure it out from your birth chart/kundali. Your kundali contains details on the things you need to repent for. In other words, whom you need to take care of in this life time to attain moksha.

There are some planets that weaken our will power and do not allow us to focus on our life's goals for which we can do some remedies.

Remedies to stay on your goals:

1. Create a diary, which will have the picture of your isht, mother, father, and Guru. In this diary, every day write the name for the isht dev that you worship 5x. Then write your immediate aim as well as your life's purpose, then write your isht's name 5 times again. Then pray to your isht dev to help you fulfill your immediate aims and life's purpose.

2. Many people think a lot, but do nothing. As a remedy, don't think too much - only think of the thought that you will concentrate on. Do yoga, try to do every work you do with perfection, eat balanced food, and meditate everyday.

3. Wear firoza/turquoise stone that is of 7-8 carats in copper or silver and wear it either on your ring finger or in your neck. Do this on a Friday. It will make your willpower stronger.

4. Do satsang. Take part in conversations that are to do with philosophy and religion.

5. People who worship Sun God and Maa Kaali or Hanuman at the same time are very focused and do not stray from their life's paths.


Rahul - 4 years ago 
Nicely explained

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