September 23, 2013

What causes headaches - the planets which are weak in our body are immediately effected by the changes in the weather. If our planets are strong, then the effect is nil or very limited. If the planets are weak, then the effect on those weak planets is very quick and causes a headache.

Planets that cause headaches:

If Mars or Moon are negative, weak, or under bad influence, then the changes in weather will influence you and cause several problems to your health.

The Sun causes migraine.

Mars - the headaches due to Mars are cluster headaches - caused by too much work, effects on amygdala, brain being weak

Headaches due to too much stress/thinking is caused by Moon.

Some people also get them due to hunger or due to sunlight in their eyes.

So the headaches caused by your mind or due to the effect of external factors (weather) on your mind, or due to gas formation (from your stomach) - are due to Mars. The headaches developing from nerves (example cervical bone in your back)  or due to your thoughts, then this is caused by the Moon.

Remedies for headache due to the Sun:

Firstly, you need to try to remain calm.

Take good sleep.

Never let your stomach be empty - it causes Vatta to increase in the body, which causes gaseous formations that causes headaches.

Don't be in air-conditioning for too long.

Do surya-bhedi pranayam in the morning.

Do agnisaar kriya (suck in the stomach and breathe - this needs to be learnt from an expert) and then do anulom-vilom while sitting in the Sun. It will make your thought process positive.

You should not disregard medical advice while doing the above as too many headaches can point to other problems too.

Remedies for headache due to Mars:

Take a spoon of kalaunji and add 5 raisins to it and grind it add some small pieces of anjeer to it - put this mixture into milk and then boil the milk and drink it.

Apply kalaunji oil to your forehead and eyes

Drink a spoon of kalaunji oil in the morning - it will give your mind energy and make it stronger

Take some laung/clove oil and apply it to the forehead and temples

Take 2 laung/cloves and 2 black pepper seeds, add some cow's ghee to it and warm it a bit, start smelling this mixture - it will also help your mind become stronger and it will help your headache problem.

Remedies for headache due to Moon:

Start meditating or your guru - whomever you believe in.

Try not to be under stress as it can potentially lead to blood pressure problems.

Start drinking from a silver glass.

Smell some kapoor in short intervals


Kanishka - 5 years ago 
Really helpful
Radhika - 3 years ago 
Please tell me some upay I am suffering from migraine since many years and now my migraines have become worse and chronic and now along with them I have neck and back pain too. Please tell me some upay that I can easily do or whom to worship

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