Hair Problems in the Winter

November 24, 2013

Dryness of the skin and hair is a problem that occurs in the winter.

Causes of Dry Hair: 

  1. People whose Mars, Jupiter, or Mon are weak usually have a very dry skin and it causes the problem of hairfall. By the time such individuals are of 37-38 years of age, they may get big gaps in their hair.
  2. Some people start eating a very oily and fatty diet in the winter, which also causes issues of dryness in the skin and hair.
  3. Or people who eat more of junk food and less of protein.
  4. People who drink more tea and coffee.
  5. Astrologically, people whose Mars moves from its lagna to the 8th or 12th place, then too it causes problems with the hair among other things.
  6. People who are allergic to something or the other,  need to be careful about their diet and hairfall issues when the weather changes.
  7. Also, washing one's hair with very warm hair causes dryness.
  8. The hardness or the minerals in the water also effects the quality of the hair.

To care for your hair:

- massaging the hair and body will help; use bhringraaj oil to massage your hair - this makes the hair quality better and makes your hair shiny; you can also use brahmi and coconut oil when the weather is not cold as these oils are very cool in nature.
- dryness of the hair causes hair to not grow - in this case, start massaging your hair with almond and jaitun oil; if your Mars is not negative, then wear "moonga" /coral; alternatively, mix jaitun, almond, olive and arandi oils together and use them for a massage of your hair roots
- it's good change your hair oil from time to time
- mix shikakai and triphala powder in water at night in mug and use this mixture to wash the hair in the morning. This will make the hair stronger and more attractive.


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