Great Remedies to Great Problems/Yog

August 05, 2011

Sometimes we think about why despite being talented we aren't able to use our talents to benefit ourselves? Or why our wealth starts to empty out slowly and we become indebted? Or even after doing everything for our children, why our children go away from us, or get in to a fight with us? Why don't our hopes/wishes don't get fulfilled?

We can do remedies to decrease the bad effects on our destiny. There are some 'yog' that cause such hard times.

Such things are all around us, we just have to analyze them. We may not have these problems now, but whenever such yog/time comes, please keep the below in mind:

First yog is:

  1. Karm-hani yog - This means that any work we do doesn't result in any benefits for us. Such people either don't work for themselves or the result of their work will not yield anything positive. Mangal, Brahspati (Jupiter), Shani and Rahu are responsible for this. So if these are negative, regardless of how much efforts you undertake, you won't be able to achieve anything through your work.

    - Sometimes, you may have noticed that your efforts just go to waste. You may be very talented and honestly doing your work, but you won't get what you wanted to achieve. This is due to Mangal (Mars).

    - Whatever work you indulge in turns out to go the wrong way. So, for example, if there's anything simple that needs fixing and which you know can be fixed by anyone without much efforts, once you touch it with your screwdriver or start to fix it, something will go bad. You may know the whole theory and what to do to fix something, but when you try to fix it, the thing will just stop working.

    - Or you'll try to help someone, but you'll endure more damage due to helping the person. On top that, your relations with the person will no longer remain friendly despite you trying to help the person. This happens due to Mangal (Mars) and Brahspati (Jupiter) being negative. Such people stop helping people at one point as they're afraid of the problems it might bring for them.

    - Even when people try to organize the wedding of their kids, it causes harm to the kids. The relationship of the daughter with her boyfriend or of the son with his girlfriend may even break off. This happens due to Rahu, when the yog even effects the children. So such people shouldn't do anything for even their children.

    - When doing work for yourself/self-owned-business, it may cause harm too. This happens due to Shani and Rahu, despite the person thinking that he has the knowledge and experience and is fully confident of running his own business. However, whenever the person starts to work for himself he'll fail and lose his respect in society as a result of it.

    - In such a yog, there's one state in which one doesn't want to do work for himself. This can be due to shyness, hesitation, don't feel like talking, or laziness. This is due to Brahspati and Rahu.

    - Also what can happen is that whenever you feel like doing work for yourself, you'll be burdened with a lot other requests for work that you won't have time to do the work you wanted to do for yourself. This happens due to Mangal (Mars) and Rahu. For example, you may feel like watching a movie, something will come about that you won't be able to go. This yog can even effect such smaller things.


  1. 1. Never help anyone on the following types of days: Chaturthi, Navmi, and Amavasya. You can the days on a Hindu calendar.

    2. Don't also lend money, or make payments, or buy new things, or do a major deal, or give any job interviews, or join a new job on the above days as anything done on these days will never be fruitful.

    3. Also, do not try to do any good things/favors for child on these days, otherwise, no good will happen for him.

    4. Start any big work on Thursday evening after consulting your guru or your elders (father, mother, elder brother, elder sister, grandparents...anyone you respect).

    5. Do Surya puja, worship of Sun throughout life.

    6. On Amavasya, make pitra from flour and put them in some river (visarjit) the very day. This shouldn't be done by people who've been married for less than 1 year or pregnant women.

    7. Stop eating meat.

    8. Never harm any birds or animals.

    9. Do yag with kush til and gud ki samidha

    10. Do pind-daan at least once in your life

    11. This yog causes you to be too emotional, you need to control yourself and also never be so excited about anything that it causes you to lose focus.

    12. Unless it's absolutely necessary, don't volunteer to help anyone. If someone asks you for help, then you can, but not on the earlier mentioned days.

    13. Don't take decisions for your home or your kids on your own. This causes more harm to the people for whom you take decisions for.

    14. Don't complain about others or backbite about anyone. Or talk unnecessarily.

    15. Give importance to the advice of your life partner.

    16. Be sorry for any bad things you may have done in your life.

    17. Wheverever you feel that you've done everything but you don't get any results, you can do the following mantra, which is from the argla stotra: Om jayanti mangla kali, bhadrkali kapalini. Durga kshama shiva dhatri, svaha svdha namostute. It's a very powerful mantra that will remove all your hurdles.

  2. Sampatti-Hani Yog - We sometimes think that we have too much wealth (money, vehicles, property, jewellery, and animals) from our parents our ancestors and we can spend it without worry. This can cause even property worth billions to all go away. It doesn't include the current business or job, but it does effect those too. In some people, this is their from birth, such people never have any property or if they do then someone else takes the property or it goes away due to some reasons.

    - Sometimes, due to the different aspects of planets or gochar, this yog can effect us at which time it causes all our wealth to vanish.

    - This is caused by the 4th and 8th houses.

    - You can see it via palmistry: you develop a red dot on the lower mars area, you get lots of small lines that touch the life line on the Jupiter mount, Rahu's area is deep, your hand becomes hard, fingers become slim, your fate line touches Shani's lower mount, broken girdle of circle under Shani mount (half a circle), you have too many lines on the mount of Shani. Any one of these signs denote this yog, for which we need to do some remedies.


  1. Always help Mazdoor (workers)

  2. Always do 'sharam daan', do free manual work

  3. Do something with own labor, drink your own water, walk barefoot to the temple, clean your own desk...etc.

  4. Do your own cleaning in the Western portion of the house

  5. Stop being egoistic and gossiping (talking nonsensically)

  6. Donate Gud and flour in areas where weak and poor people live, this should be done with your hands.

  7. Donate some portion of your income for something for welfare.

  8. Try to keep the mid portion of the house/property empty (khokli). Put milk or basil leaves in that area regularly. If you live in an apartment, then put a plant in the middle of the house and put some milk and basil leaves in the pot, then put it in your balcony.

  9. Don't wear a blue or black cap

  10. always keep a silver square in your pocket

  11. Have a white or black dog as pet

  12. Throw 'rai' in flowing water on Wednesday

  13. Never keep property in your name only

    Otherwise, this yog can take away all your hard-earned wealth.

  1. Santaan-kasht yog - either you won't get a child, or you won't be happy even after getting a child. The child may live far from you or the child will be surrounded by a lot of problems which will cause you (parent) problems.

    - If your Jupiter isn't good, then it doesn't allow you to have a child.

    - Bad effect of Rahu on the 5th house causes fights between children and their parents.

    - Pitra dosh

    - Influence of Rahu on Mercury will take child away from you

    - Stri-rin effected fathers will have their children stay away from them or at least mentally.

    - Matr-rin - such father's children also aren't keen to stay close to or ask about the well-being of their parents.

    - Mangal and Rahu's bad effect causes child bearing to get delayed. It's good if it's delayed otherwise there'll be problems.

    - Mangal and Venus's bad effects will cause the child to die within 90 days from conception.

    - If you're addicted to smoke and alcohol/drugs and Jupiter is negative, then you won't be able to get a child easily.

    - If Shani is weak then even if you have 10 kids, then you won't be able to enjoy their company. They'll be based away from you and only connect via phone. They won't be able to live together.


  • Hari-vansh puran paath

  • Mantra for you if you're unable to get a child or child lives far away from you: 'Nanadgop grahey jaat'

  • If your child is in a lot of bodily pain, then take your child's name and plant peepal trees for 21 Saturdays.

  • If your child is in trouble, then the mother should do a kali yantra pran pratishtith and put it in the child's upper pocket.

  • Stop eating non-veg.

  • If Jupiter is in 'guru pukhya' nakshatra, then do santan gopal paath. Even if the child has been away, this paath will bring it back within a year.


Jambula - 4 years ago 
Jai Siya Ram. Jai Bajrangbali. Thank very much. But I want to know wheather we are with any of these yoga's Shall I share our birth details.
Rahul - 4 years ago 
Very good and clearly explaimed

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