Get to Know the Planet Venus In-depth

August 16, 2014

Although a good Venus can give one a good home and cars, it also gives one knowledge, a good health, and a lot more. We list below the benefits, negative effects, symptoms and remedies for Venus.

Benefits of a good and strong Venus:

One will start seeing successes in life around from age of 22-24. 

Venus gives a kind of magnetism in one's personality - big eyes, very beautiful voice, etc. Children with a good Venus usually get a lot of love from extended family members too. 

Gives good power of expression - especially for people in media or entertainment industry.

Moon (joins one with the public) and Venus (makes one attractive) jointly create a lot of fan following. 

It gives timely marriage and also a good married life, especially for men.

Venus makes one get respect and love from women and a woman ends up playing a big role in giving them success in life.

It gives a good character and makes one knowledgeable. 

Health-wise, the person has a lot of white blood cells and one's "kapha" is balanced.

With the support of Mars, it can make one reddish in appearance. So when they smile or do any expression, their ears or cheeks may turn pink/red. They keep getting success after the age of 24 and one achieves a lot even with not too much of hardwork.

Negative Effects of Venus: 

There may be too much kapha in the body, which can cause many health issues.

For women, if Venus and Mars turn negative, and affects the 6th, 7th, or 8th house, then it will cause grave problems to the uterus in women.

If a negative Venus joins Jupiter, the person will be very intelligent, but the mind will never stop thinking.

A negative Venus and Moon negatively affects one's married life and even causes problems in taking the right decisions in marriage.

Signs of a Negative Venus: 

Pain in the calves, back, patches of dryness on the of cheeks - all are proofs of a negative Venus. 

A black mole on the left side of the face shows that Venus is very negative. If this mole turns red, then one needs to be extremely careful as it shows susceptibility to diabetes.

Mars and Venus jointly cause problems to the pancreas. This planetary combination also causes a problem of lower insulin levels.  

The mount of Venus should not be too raised, if it is, and one does not have diabetes yet, then it would be good to start including the fruit "jamun" in one's diet.

If the mount of Venus is too flat, then it indicates diabetes in the father. If that's the case, then monitor the sugar levels to possibly prevent diabetes as there is a high chance of getting this disease.

On The Palm: 

A thick thumb, lots of small lines on this mount that are crisscrossing each other, or if there's a mole on the mount, all show a negative Venus.

If the mount of Venus slightly hangs near the wrist, then too you need to do some remedies as Venus is negative. 

Other Symptoms: 

A negative Venus makes one's character negative.

It does not let one live a balanced life, which can cause some health issues.

Even if the person is otherwise attractive, the cheeks will be dry.

Right below the eyes will be dark circles.

Eyes will seem lifeless.

Lethargic way of walking.

The spine will not be straight, but will be somewhat bent.

If you divide the abdominal area into the 3 parts, then a person with negative Venus will put on weight in the mid-abs region.

Increased interest in computers, film, talking to the opposite sex, and will want to eat a lot of sugary foods.

A negative Venus causes one a lot of turmoil from the age of 18 to 28.

Remedies to make Venus positive: 

Wear a silver ring in the thumb.

Wear 8-10 pieces of sarpokha roots in a white thread around the neck a little before sunrise on a Friday.

Do not eat sweets at night.

Put some lemon or salt in milk and let it get spoilt, then drink it before going to bed. This remedy will also give strength to the body and brain, with results starting show in a month or 2.

If there are problems of too much kapha in the body, then start including some tulsi leaves and black pepper in your morning food.

Eat "makhana kheer", "sabudana kheer", and/or "sabudana papad". Make sure you put green cardamom in the kheer when you make it.

Do gayatri mantra and the Jupiter mantra. Below are the correct pronunciations of the Gayatri and Jupiter mantras: 


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