Ganesha Chaturthi - Get The Blessings of Ganesha

August 28, 2014

It was Krishna who recognized the exceptional qualities of Ganesha and proclaimed that whoever starts any work by first remembering Ganesha, then there would be no impediments in that work.

Ganesha is considered the lord of intellect, hence Mercury. The following will help you sharpen your mind:

  1. Do moolabandh - contract your rectum, breathe in and let the rest of the body loose; then breathe out and loosen the rectum; repeat this for about 10 times several times a day. It will improve liver function and strengthen the stomach; it will increase energy in the body; stimulate the mooladhara chakra, and thereby increase knowledge.
  2. Do atharvasheersha paath regularly to improve Mercury.
  3. Do the beej/seed mantra of "gan(g)" repeatedly while sitting in the meditation pose. This will greatly improve one's mind power even when the mind is not so strong from birth.

Another planet that is associated with Ganesha is Ketu.

Ketu can provide one a status of a Guru when it gives positive results otherwise it will only make one imaginative. The person may fall in love many times, but will never be able to marry. Even if the person does get engaged, the marriage does not happen. It can even cause a negative effect to one's status and bad relationship between father and child. Hence, one can even overcome problems of Ketu on Ganesha Chaturthi.

How to Worship Ganesha:

  • Apply pure white sandalwood (chandan in Hindi) at Ganesha's feet and then apply that to your forehead.
  • Offer 21 or 108 laddoos (Indian sweets made of gram flour) to Ganesha on Ganesha Chaturthi and then distribute it to others and eat some on your own too.
  • On Wednesdays or any Ganesha chaturthi day, make your own Ganesha with clay. Do 1008 chants of the "om gan(g) ganpataaye namaha" mantra. Apply sindoor all over when the clay is wet. Wait for it to dry while continuing with the mantra chant. Once dry, remove the excess sindoor with a light brush. Whenever you are in some trouble, take a bit of that sindoor from the idol's feet and apply it on your forehead. This will get rid of all fears and help you think clearly.
  • Offer some "Durva"  to Ganesha everyday. This will be helpful in any marital problems, improving memory, and in making your mind work better. Make sure you do "om gang(g) ganpataaye namaha" or just "gan(g) after offering this. Also, do the moolabandh for at least 10 times before doing any meditation or prayer to Ganesha.
  • Offer "supari" to Ganesha with love on Ganesha Chaturthi.
  • You can offer besan laddoos and or yellow flowers to Ganesha everyday if you wish.
  • Remember to not offer tulsi to Ganesha.

Note: If you are going to bring Ganpati into your home for "visarjan", then please only bring home a clay Ganpati. Materials such as "plaster of paris" ruin the environment and hence cause negative effects on you, so choose a material that is environmentally friendly.

Special Remedies:

Sometimes one goes through a break in the studies or in the career due to family reasons, lack of money, or any other causes. The main point is that after that break it becomes very difficult to get back on track. As a remedy for this offer clothes or just "janeu" to Ganpati for  21 Chaturthi days.

Many people like to put Ganpati on the door of their home, instead, it's better to put Ganpati yantra on the door as it's not really practical to worship Ganesha on the door. A yantra can also be worn around one's neck. Doing either or both of these should help in getting some auspicious work done soon.

For those who want to be sure about the Ganesha mantra, hear the correct pronunication in the video below:

Whenever you get stuck in some false lawsuit (where you are truly innocent) and people keep causing you angst, then offer a small axe (farsa) to Ganpati on any Chaturthi or on any Wednesday.

If there are problems in marriage or if there is mangal-dosh in the birth-chart, then one should apply saffron (kesar) and turmeric (haldi) tilak to Ganpati and do the mantra of "om gan(g) ganpataaye namaha" for 108x. The tilak should also be applied on oneself after applying to Ganpati.

Whenever Rahu or Saturn cause immense problems with no solution in sight along with causing health issues in family members then establish a dust colored (made of clay or flour) Ganpati with your own hands. After making the Ganpati, then do 108 paath of Ganesh chalisa to activate the idol. Then cover the idol with the dust of the mango tree's wood (bhasm in Hindi). Then offer janeu to Ganpati. Worship Ganpati everyday after doing tilak on Ganpati.

If your children are going away from you for study or any other purpose, then do send a Ganpati with them that has gone through "praan-prathishtha". To do this, bathe the Ganpati in water from the Ganges (ganga-jal), offer janeu, do tilak, and chant 1008x  "om gan(g) ganpataaye namaha" on Chaturthi day. Ganesha should then take care of your children in the same way as you care for Ganesha.

People who think too much and have a wavering mind, then they should sit in front of a silver Ganpati on a kush-asana and should do "Om Vigneshwaraaya Namaha" 108x and then "Om Kem Ketave Namaha" 108x to improve their power of concentration.


If one is not getting love in life, then one should bring home Ganpati made of firoza and establish the Ganpati in their home. This should start positively affecting one's personality to make them more attractive and lucky.

If one's work is not stable or if the workplace doesn't have a good environment, then one needs to do activate (abhimantrit) ashwagandh root with the help of Ganesha Sahastranaam and wear this root in a grey color around the neck on any Wednesday or Ganesh Chaturthi day.

For happiness in the home or if everyone in the home has some kind of enmity towards the other, then do "bhog" of Ganpati with 108 laddoos on the Shukla-paksh Ganesha Chaturthi which should be eaten by all family members and others too. If this is not done in such homes, then the problems in the home can increase after marriage. Even when someone is married and suffer from quarrels in the home, then they can should also do this.

If you are very sick and want to become better, then offer janeu to Ganpati and wear that on yourself the next day.

Establish a crystal Ganpati on a Chaturthi or during the days of the Ganesha utsav. Then bathe Ganpati in milk everyday and offer "durva" grass everyday. This will help one overcome debt related problems and any other major problems in life.

One should light a ghee candle "diya" everyday and then do the Ganesha mantra or do the atharvashirsha paath. This wil improve the happiness in the home and will ensure a very good future.

Other Remedies Related to Ganesha:.

Study Related Problems:

  • Do the seed mantra "gan(g) ganpataaye namaha", to improve your memory and Mercury in general. This sound or vibration effects the cerebrum function of the brain. Do at least 125,000 of these until the end of Ganesha Mahotsava on Ananta Chaturdashi.
  • Eat more vegetables; stop eating meat.
  • Increase intake of shankpushpi, mishri, milk, and amla to improve your memory, focus, and lower anxiety levels.
  • Increase calcium intake.
  • Eat bananas if you can.

For Hurdles in Getting Married: 

  • Sun, Jupiter, Rahu, & Ketu create problems in marriage - so do havan of Ganpati Sahastranaam everyday until the Ananta Chaturdashi day. Tie a knot in a handkerchief after the havan.
  • If your marriage keeps getting set and breaking up, then do a "kumbh-vivaah" or do Ganpati yagya.
  • Don't eat anything before doing turmeric tilak and offering besan sweets to Ganpati.
  • Girls who want to get married should put some haldi tilak on Ganpati and then apply the remaining haldi on their hand or anywhere else for some time.
  • Make it a rule to give gram flour or chana dal and flour to cows everyday, but specially on Thursdays.


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