Dreams - what do they mean?

October 24, 2013

We all dream, but do you not know what they mean. Can dreams come true? How are dreams connected to planets?

First some explanation:

Although Moon and Ketu many times affect us negatively, these planets are also responsible for making our intuition stronger. These planets have the power to connect us to the superpower. So, despite the negative energy of some planets, it depends on us how we interpret and use that energy for the positive.

If on your palm the Moon and Ketu mounts are of equal size and there are no moles and broken lines on this area, then such people can use their unconscious mind knowingly. Such people can know of upcoming events before time as they are very intuitive.

Many times you can learn from dreams and work on resolutions to problems - or even get into problems due to dreams.

People whose intuition is strong can tell a great deal about the future in their dreams.

You may say that your dreams are just a reflection of your thoughts or things you saw in the day, this is the case sometimes, but not always.

The following can be taken as dream interpretations if you keep dreaming the same/similar dream more than once or twice.

Dreams and Their Meanings:

If you see your isht dev in your dream, it's a rare thing to happen, but a very good one - it foretells major changes in your life.

If your isht says something in the dream, then you need to do what is asked of you.

If your isht is smiling at you, then your fate will be changing for the better.

If you see your isht's picture broken or in a calamity, then you can expect some kind of problems. You need to start chanting your isht's name as much as possible.

You are sleeping and you see the Sun shining brightly, but then the Sun goes away and you're surrounded by darkness, then you may expect some big obstacle in your path towards spirituality. You may take some decisions, which will bring about some very negative results.

If you see your Guru in your dream, then this is a positive sign that any time you are in trouble, the Guru will help you through in your dreams. 

If you see your mother, it shows some positive results and some sort of protection towards you.

If you see your father, it shows some potential problems on your wealth and reputation, which means you need to be careful towards these.

If you see your nose in your dream it's a good sign, you can expect an increase in your reputation. If you see someone else's nose, it's not as good.

If you see your head, then you can expect success due to someone or due to some new idea.

If you see a temple, then you need to change your daily routine or you can expect a lot of problems.

If you see yourself eating and there's a fight going on or utensils are being broken, it's a bad sign of upcoming problems.

Eating food with people who have passed away - start offering food by offering water to your Pitra for 11 days and do mahamrityunjaya chants everyday. (This should happen more than once or twice.)

If a man is dreaming about an unknown woman (not from his family) - it shows bad health and potentially bad reputation of the man; or if he sees himself going somewhere with the woman - it shows weakening of the mind or brain; you may suffer weakness, loneliness, laziness, and weakening of your health in general.

If a woman dreams about a man (not from her family), it shows weakened health. If the woman sees this often, then the mind is very tired, sad, lonely, and may even cause damage to reputation.

If you see a flood in your home or on somr road, or if you see yourself walking against water current, then there will be many obstacles in the things you are trying to succeed.

If you see yourself amidst people who have long deceased, this is a good sign as it is warning you to be careful of the bad things you are doing or may happen. Or it may show the health of someone in your home getting worse and to be careful on both an emotional and financial level.

If you see many corpses, you can expect all your efforts to go to waste. In such a case, you need to do remedies for Moon and the lord of your fate (bhagyesh).

If you keep seeing weddings, this is a bad sign,  start doing gayatri mantra paath for 5 Sundays or do sundarkaand paath for 5 Tuesdays. The person you see in the wedding should also do these remedies as it's also not a good sign for them.

If you see yourself as the bride or groom and alone - then too the above remedy needs to be done.

If you see yourself as the bride or groom, but not alone and with similar clothing, then it shows a change in direction in your life and you are about to be in a better position.

Sometimes you may see youself having fallen in a gutter or covered in mud, then you need to be very careful. It shows someone or you yourself are about to cause damage to your body and mind. 

If you see yourself getting hurt in the head or your head getting cut off, it shows your wealth is about to increase.

If you see yourself bound by cords or that you have shackles in your feet, then you can expect gain from government or people in government.

If you see many snakes and sometimes the snake bites you, it shows you will get some wealth, but with some obstacles and some weakening of your health.

If you see yourself getting a big prize, it's a bad sign. It shows that you may not succeed in something. Start doing remedies for the Sun if you see this dream often.

If you keep dreaming that someone is following you or wants to kill you, then start worshipping the Sun as this dream is a sign of some hidden enemy causing damage to your reputation or causing harm to you.

If you dream about your ancestors, then it's a good sign. If they're asking you for something, then you can donate that item to the poor, which will make the dream even more beneficial for you.

If you see yourself falling/slipping down in a dream, then it's a bad sign. It shows that there is too much heat and "pitta" in the body, which will cause problems in the next 2 to 4 years related to the body's heat or increase "pitta" in the body.  Apart from taking dietary advice from the doctor, you should start doing mahamrityunjay japa or get rudrabhishek done or pray to your ishta dev. 

If you see yourself falling, but someone intervenes and stabilizes you, then it's a good sign. It shows that you may get some big accomplishment with someone's support.

If you see yourself in a very dangerous accident where everyone is dead, then it's a very good sign. It will bring you benefits.

If someone sees themself fall/sit/sleeping in garbage, then it shows a lot of anxiety in the person.

Seeing dogs cry in the dream shows weakness in the nerves which can lead to weakness in the eyes too. It is a negative sign and shows potential losses too.

Seeing the night sky in the dream, shows that there can be some serious illness in the body. Such people should get a full body checkup done and follow medical advice.

Seeing some kind of bird is also a sign of some diseases. For instance, seeing a crow enter your home or seeing a flock of crows flying or pigeons entering your home or seeing a tree that has many birds on it where the tree is drying up.

Seeing oneself sitting on an elephant, camel, or some sort of chariot, then it shows that the person has "raaj-yog" in his future.

Seeing fire in a dream shows one's problems will reduce. If one gets burnt by the fire, then it shows that your will get success or your problems will go away after some hard work.

If you see yourself wasting time in your dream, like not being able to make it somewhere on time, then it shows that the result will be good.

If one sees a musical dream, then it shows a strong Venus or a Venus affected by Moon. Such dreams are usually common among teenagers. This shows that one is starting to think about their life partner.

Being afraid in one's dream, especially seen in babies, then it is not something to be afraid of. It shows that there can be problems in the stomach. Crying in one's dream can also be an effect of Ketu and Moon.

Seeing lots of your favorite fruits in the dream is a good sign, but if you aren't able to eat them, it shows success after a lot of hardwork. If you eat the fruits in your dream, then it shows some quick upcoming success. Dreaming of some other foods/sweets is also generally good.

Whenever you see a cow, your Guru, or a temple in your dreams, then it's a good sign. You can expect some good things to happen in your life.

However, if a student keeps seeing his teacher(s) in dreams, then it shows that the students lack something in his/her personality or they are feeling themselves to be lacking in something. In this case, it's important for the student to start working on one's appearance, behavior, and knowledge.

Remember that a particular dream needs to appear regularly - more than once, only then should one interpret the dream.

Remedies for bad or negative dreams: doing maha-mrityunjaya chant for a few days after seeing some negative dream regularly will decrease the negative effects of that particular dream.

Here's a chant that you can use to memorize and start chanting the maha-mrityunjaaya jap:


amit - 4 years ago 
hi , some one tell me what is the mean of dream that early morning i have some one giving me prashad
idnu - 4 years ago 
Namaste. I am often dreaming of my loved one's (husband's) death. also my dad and dadi (both deceased) appear in my dream. this is happening a lot off-late. kindly let me know what it means and what to do so that my husband has a long and healthy life. i m very worried and keep thinking of this throughout.
BB - 1 year ago 
What does it mean when I see a Snake chasing me but I escape.

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