Dos and Donts while wearing Panna/Emerald

October 15, 2013

This is a very beneficial stone, but as always, don't wear it just after knowing its benefits. There should be a detailed analysis done of each stone in regards to the birth chart before determining whether one should wear it or not.

Panna or emerald in English, helps make the mind stronger. It makes your memory stronger, makes you bold, and also makes you a better conversationalist.

People whose Mercury/Buddh is weak, but in a state of giving can wear Panna. You can wear it to make your mind sharper.

However, if your Buddh is the lord of the 3rd, 6th, 12th or 8th house, then you should not wear this stone. 

You can wear Panna, if Mercury is your mukhya graha/main planet, provided Mercury is not seated in a negative house and is already too strong, in which case it will cause you problems.

Who shouldn't wear Panna?

- people whose Buddh is negative

- people who lie or are false witnesses

- people who like to make small issues into huge problems

- people who like to scheme against others

- if your stuff keeps getting stolen

- people who have allergies

- people whose brain is already very strong and their memory is also sharp

- people who don't have a problem focusing or concentrating on things

Panna is usually worn in a ring made from gold, which is true of most stones. If it's not possible to wear it in gold, then silver will also do.

If your Buddh is combust or is extremely weak, then you can also wear it in copper in light of special circumstances, of which an astrologer can guide you.

What to do before wearing Panna?

Keep the ring in raw (unboiled) milk on a Monday and then leave it in there until Wednesday morning. Wash it with ganga-jal or some purified water on Wednesday morning, do the mantra "om bum buddhaye namaha" 1008 times and then wear it in your little finger. This should either be done within an hour after sunrise or within 50 minutes after sunset - doing so will prove to be more beneficial for you.


Rathin - 4 years ago 
Did Ramakrishna Paramhangsha lied to people that he watched live kali ? Does God look like human being or no being ? Animate/ nonanimate/ nothingness ? -- Truthful answer is appreciated.
Reply By: Astro Vani - 4 years ago 
Only Ramakrishna Paramhansgha can answer whether he lied or not. Let's go with the answer that helps you sleep better at night :) . Only one who has "seen" God can answer that, but our view is that God is not something to be seen or thought of as someone who lives somewhere - i.e. not an object. We believe that God is the energy that is all around us and in us - the energy that powers us - just like the electricity that powers all electric devices - but is electricity animate/nonanimate/nothingness? You will one day come to the answer on your own - just keep searching within.
Reply By: - 3 years ago 
Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa was not a normal human being. he transcended normal things with his devotion, love and single minded focus. let us not use an astrological forum to satiate our curiosity, and drag Sri Ramakrishna to our level.
Shivani - 4 years ago 
Hi, Can Iolite stone be worn with panna or zarkan ?
Indranil - 3 years ago 
Ramakrishna never lied. He saw mother Kali with his extreme love and devotions for her. It is a bit difficult for us to understand this affection. Can we understand the theory of relativity. Or the concept of zero. Black hole, boson particles. Not everyone is having the power to understand every secret of nature. God is the ultimate secret and very difficult to understand and imagine.
J - 3 years ago 
It's 108 times not 1008 times.
Chandan - 2 years ago 
Can I wearing panna ring Stone Friday..
Saurabh - 1 year ago 
Should Non veg peoples wear this?
Reply By: Astro Vani - 1 year ago 
Shouldn't be a problem.

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