Do You Suffer From Weak Bones?

October 25, 2013

Many people including children are beginning to show signs of weakened bones. This problem comes more to the fore in the winter months. Learn of some easy remedies to make your bones stronger.

It's a good idea for children and adults to sit in front of the rising Sun to avoid a Vitamin D deficiency.

If your Sun is weak, then it means that you have too much of cold in you which makes the muscles and bones weak and causes a slight forward slant in the spine.


Make it a habit in children to sit front of the Sun for at least 15 minutes and while they do that have them do one of the following mantra: Gayatri mantra (for general worship of the Sun), "om ghrini suryaaya namah" (if there are many problems), or "om khakolkaaya namaha svaha" (for all kinds of bodily issues).

Keep your Mars strong - start massaging your body with sesame seed oil - then drink some honey and sit in the Sun for a bit for both Mars and Sun.

Stop eating junk food and cut down on flab by eating nutritious food.

Start eating almonds by first soaking them overnight and then grinding them. Then do a "chhonk"/fry this in cow's ghee and take 5-6 spoons of this.

Start taking calcium supplements as a bad Mars causes calcium deficiency.

If the person is not fat, take a banana, put some honey in it,mash it in milk - then eat it.

Grind almonds, walnuts, and raisins and boil them with milk - this can also be given as a remedy to improve weak bones.

Wearing anantmool root wrapped in a red thread around your neck on a Thursday will also be helpful when suffering from weak bones.

Massaging your body with lukewarm mustard oil will also be helpful for your bones as well as your skin.

Here is a very nice rendition of the gayatri mantra that you can use to stay focused on the mantra:

And here is the correct pronunciation for the Sun mantra "Om Ghrini Suryaaya Namaha":


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