Do you live near a jail or temple?

November 05, 2013

Every place has its own positive and negative energy. Apart from the soil or the direction of the home, the surroundings are also important. 

A Jail or temple or any place of worship - these are all places that have an effect on us if we live near any of these.

If there's a temple right in front of your home - where the temple's shadow falls on your home, then it's bad for you. In this case, make sure you enter that temple and give your prayers everyday; on amavasya and puranmasi, give some prasad to God or give it to the temple so it can be distributed as prasad to people. If you live a little further away from the temple, then that will make your Jupiter strong and it will be beneficial from you.

If your home is near a hospital, then you will have some odd anxiety in your home. This anxiety will increase as the hospital increases. It will cause you problems and irritations even more if  you live on the ground floor. You won't have this problem if the Sun's rays from the East enter your home.

As a remedy, you need to harmonize the fire element and Sun. Make sure the East side of your home is fully open so the rays of the Sun enter your home. As this is not always possible, then either do a yag in the home every morning or light some big fire in the Eastern side of your home - make sure you add some googul and chandan in this fire. Do the same in the evenings. This has to be done throughout life - not temporarily.

The jail has a lot of negativity. If you live very close - about 100-200m, or if you pass by the jail as soon as you're out of the home, then it shows a negative effect of Rahu. It causes mood swings, you feel like achieving many things very quickly but you aren't able to, and many of your efforts don't yield results.

As a remedy for people who live near a jail or hospital: donate some electrical things from time to time; always have some fish in an aquarium in your home - keep replenshing as they die away (example: don't let the no. of fish go below 7 or 8); try to have many plants and trees in front of your home or at least try to hang them from your home if there's no room - make sure these plants are holy basil plants; do some yag or bhandara on the roof or balcony of your home (have some poor children or some learned people sit in the balcony and offer them food).


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