Do you keep getting burnt or have a sore skin after a small accident?

August 14, 2014

Whenever Mars becomes negative, it may cause problems due to fire, acids/chemicals, or from any kind of chafe.

For example: If Mars is in the first house and it's effected by Rahu-Shani in the gochar and comes in the first house in gochar too, there is a likelihood of some problem occuring that will cause a scalding sensation whether it be from fire, acid, or from even falling and scratching the knees.

This yog/phase should not be ignored - especially if it's in a girl's chart as it can predict the dreaded acid attacks that seem to have become weapon of choice for vengeful people.

Signs on the palm that foretell problems from Mars:

- if there are any red or black moles or black spots in the area near your life line that is close to the lower Mars (between thumb and index finger) section on your palm then you need to be careful and do remedies to avoid getting burnt

- if there are any lines that originate from the lower Mars and cut across the life line in the section just before the life line starts to slope downards

- if there are many net like formations on the Sun mount and if there are any moles there then there are chances of being burnt throughout life - these will be small issues like being burnt from candle wax, from hot tea, hot water while showering, or from incense sticks

- if the upper Mars (below the mount of the little finger and the mount of Moon) area has a red or brown moles or black spots then too you should be careful


  • Fill an earthen pot with red lentils and bury it in a secluded area. You can even take about 10 grains of the lentils and put them in a small earthen pot. This should be done at least once a month throughout life.
  • Do turmeric and saffron tilak.
  • When such people work with fire (example, in the kitchen), they should not multitask and should concentrate on doing only one thing at a time. This is because a negative Mars does not let one multi-task properly and causes problems with concentration. 
  • Sprinkle some milk on your stove after cooking food at night.
  • Wear anantmool root in a red thread around your neck, arm, or back on a Tuesday.
  • Start offering red "gudhal" flower to Maa Durga regularly
  • Offer bel tree's leaves to a shivling on a Tuesday and do Mahamrityunjaya jap at least 11 times after offering the leaves to the shvling while you're still at the temple.


Madhu - 5 years ago 
I m falling in many problems frequently ...I couldn't find solutions sterday unfortunately my saree got burned ....I fully got burned bt lucky I had no hurts .....I DNT know wat is happening ....I need a suggestion .... Plz do help me
Master Vijay - 1 week ago 
Insightful and practical advice Your tips on healing after accidents are invaluable. Thanks for sharing this wisdom.

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