Detailed Characteristics & Compatiblity of Astrological Signs

May 16, 2014

Below are the basic traits for each Moon sign, their important years in life, and their compatibility with other astrological signs.

ARIES: Arians have some sort of angst in them. They are usually stuck in dilemmas. Astrologically, they need support of the Sun and Moon. If either of these planets is weak, they start expecting things to happen for them on their own without their efforts. Their thumbs will be long and on the hard side. If the thumb is becoming weak, then they may be suffering from lowering of the fire element in them, which may bring rise to acidity. These people have limitless energy due to the power of Mars. They can have anger issues. Also, they sometimes take decisions with the intent of taking revenge or in anger. They are good at maintaining relationships as long as they dominate others. This dominating tendency can cause ego issues in them whereby their downfall starts. They may be hyperactive as children, so one needs to inculcate a balanced behavior to avoid the children becoming rebelious. These people want to give a new start to something, which may even make them fight with their parents. The resulting confusions from these dilemmas can cause them to be left behind in life. Hence, it's important that Arians have a guru in life. Arians should take enough sleep. The years 22 and 24 are important for those with Aries sign. The 28th year can bring about tremendous success, but with the help of one's guru/God. Arians are generally not compatible with any particular sign as they have a hurried tendency - like a rocket. They want to get ahead of everyone at a great speed and if they aren't able to do so, they start blaming others. Hence, again, they need a good guru. In general, they can be good friends with Cancer, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Capricorn.

TAURUS: These people are quite stubborn - just like a bull. They are also very hard-working. However, they may have to endure some problems due to over-confidence. Taurians can be misers. Their energy levels increase gradually. Taurians can have problems with too much fat in the body if they don't control their diet. If Taurians are guided well, then they can get success. The parents of Taurians should teach their kids to be soft-spoken and also enroll them in something artistic. These people have very good administrative skills and can handle responsibility well. If they can remove their stubborness, then they can achieve a lot in life. Taurians should be careful of catching cold as this sign may have problems with kapha. Since Venus is the ruler of this sign, they need to imbibe the Venusian qualities to be successful. The year 22 and 23 are quite favorable for this sign. They are quite compatible with Cancer, Leo, Libra, Scorpio - only if the Scorpio person is somewhat soft-spoken, Capricorn, and Aquarius.

GEMINI: It's a sign that has 2 different kinds of behaviors, which creates confusion and a sense of insecurity. These people don't have much patience. They have a tendency to go after things in a hurry. This tendency causes them to be greedy due to which people start disliking them. However, these people earn enough money due to their tactfulness. They can be good in sales, marketing, purchasing, speaking, etc.. - the more they speak, the better it is for them. Sometimes they get bursts of anger, get interested in only talking rather than listening to others, lose patience with others very quickly - these are all symptoms of the sign becoming very negative. These can cause one a lot of loss to reputation, health problems - related to the stomach, blood, and hairfall (between 25-29 years). All of this will result in a heavy and angry looking face. Hence, it's important to keep a check on the negative aspects to avoid these issues. As soon as they hit 30, they need to make a strong resolve to do nothing else but hard work for at least 3 years, as it's a very good time for them to achieve a lot. They are generally not good at making friends as they are always concerned about making money, but they can be good with Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius, Cancer (not much), Leo - as long as the person has a strong Sun, in which case the Gemini person listens to them.

CANCER: They have a high imagination and are quite emotional. They fall in love very quickly. They also love their families a lot. If the sign is negative, it causes a lack of self-confidence, suffer from being too emotional, and are indecisive. Cancerians need to have their imagination and emotions in control for them to succeed. If there's no check on either of these, they may not be able to find their way in life. If the sign is positive, although they may feel down briefly, they'll come out of it with great confidence. Cancerians need to be just and have some principles in life in order to be successful. There's a tendency towards spirituality - the amoutn of inclination depends on the Moon's state. In general, they can not take sides, so it's best to seek someone who can help them take decision. If the Moon is strong, they respect and trust elders, teachers, and religious people. However, if the Moon is weak, there will be a desire to respect others, but they won't be able to give that respect due to their ego or some sort of fear. Cancerians need to be very careful of infectious diseases. Parents of such children, need to be careful in how they parent them as they mostly seek sympathy. However, if Mars, Jupiter, or Saturn support them, then the person comes with good karma, religious inclinations, energies, emotions, visions and intuitive abilities. Cancerians should not eat cold things for a long time. They need support from their parents to help them become more focused. Silver is their important metal and water is their element. They should worship Shivji. They are compatible with most except the signs where Mercury is prominent. This means they are good with Aries, Taurus, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces.

LEO: These people get very angry when their authority is challenged, their stubborness is kept in check, or when their wishes aren't fulfilled. Leo as children need to be given a disciplined parenting from the start - in other words, only legitimate wishes of theirs should be fulfilled. These children will try every means to get their way - through crying, shouting, etc..but parents need to hold their own and not give in. If they do, then this creates disbalance in them, they lose emotions and become rebelious. Leos can see their status on their palm on the basis of the ring finger and the mount under it. Lines under the ring finger shows positivity, but not if there are too many of them. If the ring finger is bent towards the middle finger, then it shows the Sun is weak and you must try to make it stronger. If the finger is straight, then your Sun is fine and you will get timely success. If the Sun is negative, they will have a tendency to dominate others. If the moon sign is positive for an individual, it will mean that the person will be very brave, visionary, and will be able to function well in difficult situations. They usually will have problems with too much acidity. They shouldn't eat fast or do things too fast. Leos usually reach very high positions due to the power of the Sun. These people should always care for their eyes - at least the right eye. They are compatible with anyone who listens to them.

VIRGO: They are good at doing many things at once, which can cause them to be hyperactive if their Mercury is not balanced. They try to become very playful and naughty. They also run towards materialistic things, but they don't like to be told so. They are good planners and very intelligent. They need to stop greediness and eating bad quality food. They can become famous even far away from home. They know how to be strong in any kind of situation including some situations where things may be going against them. They may have a tendency to worry about the future and not live in the moment, which is something they need to overcome if their Mercury is negative. They should eat green chillies and talk a bit less. They should try to be more happy, which they are not usually. They are not compatible with Aries, Taurus, Virgo. They are very good with Gemini, Cancer, Leo - if Sun is positive, Libra, Capricorn, and Aquarius. They can be good with Scorpio and Pisces.

LIBRA: They are very energetic - like Aries and Taurus. They are also imaginative and emotional like Cancer. So it's a sign which has kind of has mixed qualities of all these 3 signs. A negative Venus can cause them to be very emotional and make them lose their track and unable to concentrate. Another negative trait due to a negative Venus is the desire to spend on the comforts of life even if they have to take a loan to get those things. A positive Venus, will make them very ambitious and help them achieve their ambitions provided they don't ask for support from negative people. It's hard to be a Libran, but they can reach high places in life as they have a good attraction power with which they can attract others. However, the energies they have need to be channelized properly for them to succeed. If Venus is negative in any way, they become too obsessed with their sexual needs - even children who are Librans can get sexually active very early in life. They may have a tendency to lie. So, the parents of such people, need to support them emotionally and work hard towards making them more focused on their goals. They shouldn't eat cold food or drink anything cold. They should meditate and be spiritual to improve their positive traits. They are practical people and also very emotional so they are mostly good with all signs except Gemini and Virgo. They might get into some ego clashes with Pisces and Sagittarius.

SCORPIO: These people have some confusion in them about their current and next birth. They are practical, but at the same time they have a tendency to go towards the spiritual side, which leads them into confusion as the people in this sign are very ambitious, insecure -so they want security, & want to control everything - hence they are good administrators. If Jupiter is a bit negative or too strong, then they can become dictator-like. They never enjoy their present as they are always concerned about their future. They usually don't laugh much and if they don't laugh they lose their energies slowly. They can command others, but they don't have many friends due to their inability to laugh much. They have a tendency to put on weight, so they should not eat anything that causes gas and fat to increase in the body. Also, they already have enough proteins, so they should eat less of arhar dal, raw onion and raw cucumbers. They require disciplined parenting with responsibility. They will generally not even feel hungry until they finish their work. When they don't have work, they become destructive. They need to be taught to laugh more as they have almost all of the good qualities in them. They can become a bit rude/have a hard outlook, but generally have a good heart. They are not usually compatible with many signs, especially not with Taurus as they have similar tendencies, but if the life partner is Taurus, then it can be good as the Taurean partner will listen to them. They are not good with Gemini. They are very good with Cancer, Capricorn, and Pisces. They will be very compatible with anyone whose Jupiter is strong. With the help of Leo, they can reach higher in life. They are good with Virgo, Libra, and Aquarius . They are not so good with Sagittarius.

SAGGITARIUS: Saggitarians are usually stuck in some confusions whereby they lose all their energy. They need to learn to focus. A child who is of this sign - especially if the hair is on the lighter side, the teeth have gaps in them and the person is stubborn by nature, then the child needs a disciplined parenting along with love and emotional support. Most importantly Saggitarian children need to be given responsibility and shown that they are trusted, as they like to start life in an exceptional way. Another important point is that a Saggitarians should be spiritiual/religious and should take care of dogs and if possible care for cows, which will help make them succeed in life. They are compatible with anyone who is hardworking, just, and honest - just like them. The signs that they get along with are: Aires (very good), Taurus (average), Gemini (not good at all), Cancer (ideal), Leo (vergy good), Libra (average), Virgo(average), Scorpio (good), Saggitarius (not at all due to ego clash), Capricorn (good), Pisces (average).

CAPRICORN: This is a very exceptional sign as it has the positive energy of Saturn, which gives good effects on one's voice, face, behavior, and eyes (which are penetrating in nature - from the positive effects of Moon). Hence, a positive Saturn and Moon make one a visionary as they don't waste their time on doing the wrong things. Capricornian children need a lot of knowledge and emotional support. If they are not knowledgeable, then they may end up using their energies towards negative things and hence destroy their abilities. They need to stay away from cold things that may effect the lungs, breath, heart, and the stomach. Also, if they can see the rising Sun or spend some time in the Sun in the morning, then they can achieve a lot with the Sun's support. They are good with anyone who behaves nicely with them - as they give what others give them. Aries (can be good working partners for Capricornians), Taurus (good), Gemini (usually not good as their might be ego clashes), Cancer (very good), Leo (average, but they can achieve a lot with the Sun's support), Virgo (average), Libra (very good), Scorpio (fairly good), Saggitarius (not so good), Capricorn (good), Aquarius (very good), Pisces (very good, if the Jupiter is strong then they can get positively influenced by Pisceans). Overall, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces can provide Capricornians with energy and focus in life.

AQUARIUS: If they can get the support of a guru, then they can do wonders. However, they can't really progress without a guru's support. They have knowledge, vision, high energy, humanity - what they lack is initiative - they usually can't take the first step. They need someone to force them forward as Saturn is not so positive for Aquarians, it needs a little push. They need to woken up very early in the morning so they're not lazy, which is generally hard for them. They need to eat regularly and need knowledge as they don't accept things easily without their being proper reasoning/proof behind them. Their lungs are usually weak, so they shouldn't eat too much of cold things. They get along with everyone in general as they respect everyone. Leo may be problematic to get along with unless the Leo's Sun and Jupiter are positive. There might be small problems with Virgos. Not so great with Scorpios. Capricornians, Aquarians, and Pisceans are a good match for them. 

PISCES: Pisceans are very moody - they may like someone in the morning, but not like them in the evening. If the sign is positive, it makes them very knowledgeable, perfectionists, and love others in general. If the index finger leans towards the middle finger or is too flexible, then it shows a negative sign, this means that the Piscean will not be able to maintain relationships with others due to skepticism. They should be careful about their stomach. They may also be proud and egoistic from childhood. They are good with Taurus, Cancer, Libra, and Scorpio. They are not good with Capricorn or with Pisces.


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