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March 07, 2014

Many people start their work with great enthusiasm, but slowly their  motivation starts to dwindle. Learn some of the remedies you can do to avoid this.

A good Mercury will give you ideas and means to accomplish them no matter what. The opposite happens when Mercury is not good - you start losing enthusiasm to do the work you had set out to do.


1. Start any work only after thinking about it deeply; plan for a long term vision - not some quick results.

2. When you're planning, keep green color away from you. Keep some sky blue color, light yellow, or white cloth near you when you plan.

3. Write down your plan because once you start writing, your Juptier comes in to help you make the right decisions.

4. Plan meticulously and have an elder of the family sit with you when you plan; this will ensure that Mercury and Rahu do not disturb you.

5. If you lack enthusiasm and are unable to do continuous efforts, put a "supari" in front of Ganpati and make it "siddh" with the chant of "om gam ganpataaye namaha" for 125,000 times. Do this on a Wednesday. Then put it in silver and wear it around your neck in a chain or some thread (any color).

6. You can also include the "vidhaara" root when you wear the supari around your neck and have the thread be of the color green if this is a huge problem for you.

7. If you keep facing obstacles despite great planning, then this means that Venus and Jupiter may be causing all sorts of problem that will stop you from doing the work you intended, start doing Yagya of Surya or Vishnu ji. There should be black sesame seeds included the havan samagri. Also, you need to do this yagya while being seated on a "kush" asana. It will bring about stability in your life. This should be completed within an hour after sunrise.

8. Another remedy is to do the following mantra on every amavasya and puranmashi - "om shram shreem shrom sah chandramasay namaha" for at least 108 times.


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