Children who fight with others

December 02, 2013

Many children whose Sun and Mars are very strong have a tendency to beat or physically fight with other children. Sometimes, people think it's some mental problem, which it is not. The problem is that the Sun and Mars are giving the child tendencies to dominate others so they do as they are asked. However, it can turn in to a mental problem if there is a combination between Moon-Ketu, Moon-Mars, or Moon-Rahu. These combinations make the child obsessive which in turn causes aggressive tendencies.

The agression in children is sometimes such that it makes the child bang his head, which is a sign of mental problems.

  • Aggressive children should not eat non-vegetarian food, this will make their Mars negative and cause more aggression in them.
  • Such children should not wear anything in fluorescent green.
  • Have them drink water from a silver glass.
  • Tie some "saunth" in a black thread and have them wear that around the neck.
  • The parents of such children should make sweet chappatis and then ask the child to feed that chappati to a dog. This should be done on Tuesdays and Saturdays.
  • Have them eat mint chutney
  • Make them drink coconut water
  • Have them eat/take some ashwagandh medicine.
  • Never have the child feel that they may beat someone, but no one will beat them - become strict and discpline them when they behave in a bad manner.


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