Children effected by Rahu

September 18, 2013

Parenting is one of the most important responsiblity one has in this life. Through parenting, parents not only secure their own future or famly's future, but also the future of the society and country, while going on the path as per your ishta devata.

Every planet causes some kind of tendency in the child. All the good and bad characteristics are fully developed in a child by the age of 3 - they may be behavioral or physical. As the brain does not develop after 12, then at least until then, parents need to keep guiding their children through proper parenting. After 12 years, the child learns from experience.

Rahu gives some unique habits, which can create an exceptional future for the child. So if some child is effected by Rahu, then one must not be afraid of the bad effects of this planet, but rather use Rahu's positive points to give lift to the child.

Kaal-sarp dosha causes fear in many people. However, this actually causes a great deal of mental energy in the person. It develops a different kind of brain waves in the afflicted individuals/child. If Rahu is in the 1st, 4th, 7th, or 10th house, such a child will never be able to stop thinking which will lead him/her to research. If the child is not led to the research field with which he/she could go into intelligence, then the child will start researching the cupboards and almirah's of the house and then of someone else's home, which may lead to the child stealing.

If the palm has a downward slope, such a child will not sit peacefully. The child may get ill quickly, but will also recover quickly. Rahu effects the hypothalamus, and gives a lot of energy - which makes the child easily angry at one moment and calm the next. Such a child may also psoriasis or infections very quickly and may also recover from psoriasis and other infections very quickly due to the increased energy in the body. To give positivity to such a child, the parents need to sit with the child, go on walks, or go to play with the child. The child's extra energies will quieten down only after the child is tired. It is only after the energies/mind have quietened will the child be able to study. If the postivity is not brought about in the child, then the same Rahu, will make the child hyper, cause a lot of anger in the child, make him suspicious, cause toxins in the body, and cause all types of illnesses after the age of 25.

Positive points of Rahu:

- makes one a workaholic

- such a person does not like the work done by others and prefers doing it himself/herself


Start maintaining a time-table and do things the next as per the routine you set out the previous day. This is relevant for children as well as adults.

Wear a 7-8 ratti Gomed in a silver pendant in the neck. This will ensure that the person does not do anything negative due to Rahu.

Start worshipping Mahadev - Namaha Shivay

On Saturdays, put some milk in an earthen pot and leave it in the bushes

Do not wear dull colors - the clothes should be bright

If the child has too much aggression, then make a big blue round circle and have the child focus on it. This will make the child less aggressive.

If the child does not have much patience, then make sure he/she drinks coconut water everyday.

To increase patience, you can also put together a mixture of coconut, mishri, black pepper, and saunf (fennel seeds) and put it in a jar. Give it to the child 3 to 4 times a day.


chittaranjan - 4 years ago 
Thanks for sharing information with us, It is Really helpful to know about all these kaalsarp dosh nivaran puja blog in a single place.

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