Changes in Life

November 30, 2013

Many people are bothered by the question of their careers and changes in life. All of a sudden, one may think of changing his career. But how does one know that some change may be on the horizon and how does one know if the change is going to be correct for them or not? 

Although one's life keeps going smoothly, the changes are always happening at some level. Some changes will be such which bring about no satisfaction to you and you will want a change in the direction of your life. However, it's important to recognize the opportunity that may be presenting itself. Although it will take time to understand whether the opportunity was right or wrong, ask your God for help in making sure that the opportunity you take is correct.

Symptoms on the palm of a change in one's life/career:

If there are lines going upwards from the life line, then it shows that the changes coming in one's life are positive. If the lines are going downwards, it shows that the changes will be negative.

If the fate line has some waviness in it and there are lines going upwards, then the changes will not be easy, despite being positive. The problems will be caused by bad decision making so improve your decision making to bring about the positive changes.

If there are a few lines under the mount of Sun and then a distinct straight line appears, it shows the changes to be positive.

What to do to ensure the changes are positive:

Start meditating more when you see any symptoms of change.

Start eating more walnuts.

Start eating ghee if you can.

Start spending some time with yourself, which will help you develop your insight and help you take the right decisions.

If you are encountering some problems in the change period:

Make your Moon and Venus stronger with the chant of  "om shram shreem shrom sah chandramasay namaha" and argala stotra or hanuman chalisa or sundarkaand paath.


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