Breathing Problems

June 30, 2014

Anytime someone is  unable to breathe properly, people have a tendency of mistaking it for asthma. 

It's important to note the various reasons for breathlessness:

a) there is a real problem related to breathing, which requires a doctor's guidance

b) the attitude of a person is such that causes breathlessness or inability to breathe properly

c) allergies - from dust, colors, makeup, smell, or anything else.

How to recognize the reasons for the breathing problems:

On the palm: 

If the mount of Saturn is too flat or if it's the opposite - highly risen, then it indicates some problems with breathing.

If the mount of Moon is highly risen or if the mind line falls on the mount of Moon, then this too indicates problems due to wrong attitudes, frustration, or too much anxiety. Such an individual is very sensitive and this sensitivity causes the breathlessness in them.

If the mount of Venus is highly raised, it shows a lot of kapha issues. The same can be seen if the Jupiter mount is raised high too. 

If the line of Mercury is broken or if the line goes all the way to the mount of Mercury, then too such people can have breathing issues due to allergies.

Whenever someone is sick, then the life lines starts to darken and the cause is due to the wrong attitude or due to some allergies and has not turned into a major illness. In these cases, one can take nutritious foods and use ayurvedic medicines to resolve any health issues.


  • If one feels very cold, then the intake of shitopaladi, peepli, and/or bhringraj will help (with doctor's guidance). Even if one wears the bhringraj root around the neck, then it should prove helpful.
  • Wearing saunth in a black thread around one's neck will also prove helpful for allergies (the thread should touch the area of the solar chakra). In case the saunth doesn't work, one can also wear the powder of dried lemon peels in a small pouch in a similar thread around the neck..
  • Drinking ajwain water and warm water will also help.
  • Wearing of green, yellow, or red color in the right wrist will also be helpful.
  • If there's a tendency of one losing one's breath along with weakness in the body, then start the intake of dalchini powder with honey before going to sleep. Drink some water a little after taking this powder. This will slowly get rid of the allergies and kapha problems by improving the body's resistance.
  • The emotional health is as important in breathing problems as the physical condition of the individual. So, along with the above remedies, it's very important to give a lot of love to the individual who has breathing problems as they are very emotional. 


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