Blood Pressure and Thyroid Problems

August 25, 2012

Astrology can be very helpful in many diseases that afflict us. We'll discuss two such diseases in this article: problems with high/low blood pressure and thyroid issues.


Symptoms of blood pressure:

  1. Does your neck and head have a slight or a lot of pain - not all the time, just sometimes?

  2. During that time do your palpitations increase?

  3. Do you feel like urinating frequently?

  4. Do you feel out of breath quickly while talking or walking?

  5. Do you feel tired quickly

Causes of high blood pressure:

  1. Habit of being tensed.

  2. Being too busy.

  3. Too much Vaat (gas), causes blood pressure.

  4. Bad eating habits.

  5. Suspicious nature

Astrological reasons:

  1. Moon is responsible for the thickness of the blood. Poor moon will cause low blood pressure due to mental problems.

  2. Negative moon causes high blood pressure.

  3. Negative Mars causes high blood pressure.

  4. Large arteries of the heart will become weak due to Shani+Mangal and cause high b.p.

  5. On the hand, if your heart line becomes very weak and many lines come down from it or ifyour heart line breaks in between.

  6. On hand, if there's any mole in any of the Mars' areas - lower or upper, be careful of blood pressure.


Many problems can be fixed by meditation. It bring about confidence. Calms, Shani and Mangal.

Do Shav Asan.

Wear a silver kada and silver ring which is not fully round in your thumb on any day.

Put chandan on thumb and sleep.

Press your shikha on your head slightly.

Press the elbow points.

Press the mid part of the sole of your feet.

Massage ghee on the soles of your feet.

Put feet in salty water before sleeping.

Wear sarpgand root.

Wear a round ball made of silver in neck.

Wear a small magnet that touches your ribs in your neck.

Too much protein can cause problems if Mangal is weak.

Eat cow's ghee.

Don't eat non-vegetarian food.

Don't drink tea or coffee.


Controls metabolism. It's also the place of visshudhi chakra as everything is connected with energy, without which we can't use our energy effectively.

Mercury controls endocrine glands, which gives these disorders:



If the lower Mars' lower area has black spots or is fluffed up, or there are blocks of lines, then these can be signs of Or if there are broken lines/til below thumb.

If below the thumb, you feel some pain, then you're very close to thyroid disturbance.


Wear a copper kada and drink from copper glass. Wear onyx in copper in small finger on Wednesday. Donate green vegetables in shukla paksh Wednesday. Press the area slightly above where you put your bindi. Learn Sarvgasan. Learn ujjayi pranayam. Learn matsya asan. Eat fruits

Limit potatoes, rice and sugar. Don't take too much stress. Don't eat non-vegetarian food. Eat vinegar. Eat punarva. Do ushapan - drink 3 glasses of water. Eat googlu and jal kumbi.

Parampara: When in Satsang or learning, you should be in Gyan mudra, as it improves concentration and you don't feel sleepy. Keep your ring finger pressed to your thumb. Your memory will improve and you'll remember what you study.

Hand Analysis:

If fingers are bent backwards, it's a sign of fragility/weakness in bones or infection. Try not to eat anything cold. You need to improve your immunity system. Wear an iron ring in the middle finger. Wear a black thread in both big toes of the feet. Massage with eucalyptus oil - not on Saturdays.

Health Tip:

Take amla powder 30minutes after eating food to avoid bloating after food.


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