Benefits of wearing Lehsuniya/Cat's Eye stone

October 29, 2013

Lehsuniya is worn for Ketu. It gives you intuitive powers and makes your brain stronger. It gives you inspiration to do something

This stone makes one go towards knowledge and brings one name and fame.

This stone gives raj-yog and respect in some mysterious ways.

Who can wear Lehsuniya?

- people who get all kinds of weird dreams

- people who feel anxious 

- people who mostly live in their imagination and can't do much work

If you wear lehsuniya and you have the following symptoms, then stop wearing this stone immediately:

- you feel afraid,

- you can't sleep at night,

- you keep having bad dreams,

- you keep feeling anxious,

- you start being suspicious of everyone,

- you feel afraid of going into a dark area or being in the dark

- you will be afraid of snakes for no reason

- you will start criticizing others and this habit will cause a blow to your reputation.

To negate the bad effects of Ketu - you can donate lehsuniya or take care of dogs - these are 2 major remedies to rectify a negative Ketu. If you can't do any of these, then meditating on the Ketu mantra will surely help too. Here's a video you can use to help you learn the correct pronuniciation and that you can chant along with to keep your focus solely on the mantra:


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