Benefits of Tulsi/Holy Basil

September 20, 2013

Tulsi brings about positive energy in our bodies. Although tulsi is traditionally connected to the Sun, it is also connected to Jupiter and Mars in terms of providing planetary relief.

Tulsi gives

- energy and makes one patient.

- helps in Mangal Dosh

- also helps overcome problems related to education and married life

- by lighting a candle next to the Tulsi plant and doing meditaiton next to it, one can improve one's Jupiter.

Scientific benefits:

- it manages and controls bacterial and viral activites

- it has Mercury, so one should not eat its leaves as it harms the teeth; it can be taken as tea after boiilng the leaves; or even be kept under the tongue so one can suck its juices slowly

- for people who have too much phlegm in their body and who due to that slowly start losing their focus and lose their sharpness - such people should take 2 tulsi leaves along with 2 black peppe, crush them  and put them in a cup of water - boil the water until it's turned into half a cup and then slowly drink that like tea. If you put liquorice/"mulethi" into the mixture while boiling that that will also be very beneficial in getting rid of your Kapha and Pitta problem in the body and reduce your problems related to them.

- Tulsi is also helpful in cases when the Sun is negative for someone which causes problems in the blood and creates pimples. Dry the tulsi leaves, add a bit of cow's ghee and start applying the mixture on your pimples to improve your skin.

- People whose Sun is very strong, need to be careful about its usage as it can cause Pitta problems in the body

- Also, people whose Sun, Moon, and Mars are too strong, it can create too much heat in the body and even cause many pimples.

The ideal way to use Tulsi is to worship Tulsi on Sundays. It will improve self-confidence and your mind. It is good in Vishnu, Laxmi, and Krishna puja. It is not good for Ganesha worship. The dark tulsi helps rejuvenate the body to a great degree.


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