Benefits of Ginger in Astrology

August 25, 2013

Ginger is beneficial for problems with Moon, Venus, and people who through Saade-saati due to Shani/Saturn.

Keep consuming ginger if you have bone related problems.

Shani-Mars, Shani-Moon, or Shani-Mercury combinations give the problem of loose motions, but as first aid, boil a cup of water and put a piece of ginger in it along with a bit black salt - drink this an hour after your food.

If your Jupiter or Shani is giving negative effects and due to that your stomach starts to ache an hour after eating food, take half spoon of crushed "saunth" with some water half an hour before eating.

Your skin will become smooth if you start drinking ginger tea.

Applying a bit of ginger on your face, will help remove scars from your face and will also help ingrown hair.

Take some ajwain and dried up ginger - let it soak in lemon juice. You can add some black salt to it. Eat it on an empty stomach and before eating food. This will stop the conversion of the food to fat and make your liver work in balance.


akash - 3 years ago 
thank you for giving information about benefits of ginger in astrology, the blog was very informative.
Pandit - 3 years ago 
your blog is really helpful for me to research about ginger astrology, the blog is very informative.
Reply By: Astro Vani - 3 years ago 
Nirav - 2 years ago 
It's really good

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