Benefits of eating almonds

September 19, 2013

Almonds have a great deal of nutritious benefits for our body, but it's also very important from an astrological point of view.

Eating almonds strengthens not only our brain, but our relationships, improves our Sun - and hence our reputation.

There are also many ways one can eat almonds and get different benefits.

If the brain is weak or problem with memory - soak 10 almonds at night, peel them in the morning, and eat them along with "Makhan" and "Mishri" with milk the next day in the morning. It will make you less negative and you will get over your frustrations.   Make sure you exercise while you do this so you don't become fat.

Alternatively, mix and pound 10 almonds with mishri and some "saunf"/fennel seeds - eat this mixture and a little while later drink some warm milk. This should be done an hour before sleeping, but make sure you don't drink any water after this - the whole night. This will make your eyes, memory, and brain sharp.

If one has too much acidity, then one should eat nuts only after soaking them. If the Sun is strong, then one will tend to eat a lot of almonds. If Sun is weak, then there is less tendency to eat nuts or almonds in particular.

Soak some almonds in water overnight, grind them and then drink them with some water. Drink some milk without sugar 15 minutes after this. It will improve your eyesight. Along with this, start accupressure of the middle of the palm (it's best to first learn the right technique from someone first).

If someone is too thin, they should take 10 almonds along with 10 gram of white "makhan" after which they should take some milk with honey. This will increase fat in the body.

Almond can even improve your speech and diction. For this, soak almonds at night, peel them in the morning and start chewing them for at least 32 times - slowly releasing the almonds into the body. Do this with about 4 almonds at a time.

People whose skin is oily should eat almonds only after soaking them to prevent more oiliness in the skin.

If you eat almonds which are green (kaagazi badaam in Hindi), it gets rid of dry skin issues.

Eating about 5 green almonds with 2 ground black pepper pieces while sipping on water will make the speech clearer and fix "pitti".

If your lips are very dry, start eating almonds to fix the problem.


Salina - 5 years ago 
I didn't know almond can improve relationship!

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