Benefits of Cloves/Laung

September 27, 2013

Cloves are very important for:

- worship of Durga and during Navratri

- problems due to Moon; for example for weakness of the mind or dual- personality

- problems due to Rahu-Ketu

- problems due to lack of concentration, breathing, cough, etc.

- during blockages in the nose - especially when going through the phase of Moon

The best way to use cloves:

- grill 2 cloves and start sucking on them after they have become a little cooler, this will get rid of your coughing and anxiety and help you think clearly.

- people who habitually get feverish should crush 5-6 cloves and add them to a cup of water; this should be drunk morning and evening as first aid, but do take medical advice too.

- if you have problems with teeth, then you can boil some crushed cloves and use that water to gargle after brushing your teeth; this can also be used if your teeth are sensitive

- if you are under the phase of Moon,put 2 cloves in a Paan-leaf and do Bhog of Devi Maa; after this, read Argala Stotra - this should reduce many problems that were caused by Moon.

- if your Venus is weak and is causing problems in your married life, then do mantra of "aing hring cling chaamundaaye vichhe namaha" and throw 2 cloves into the Hawan to Maa; this will reduce many problems that were caused by Venus.

- take about 10g cloves, 10g of saunf, and some bura (powdered sugar) and mix it with a teaspoon of cow's ghee - ingesting this regularly will reduce cough and problems in the throat which will make your voice clearer and allow you to speak more clearly.


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