Benefits of Arhar Dal

March 08, 2014

Arhar dal is directly related to the planet Mars.

If your Mars is negative or if you have too much acidity, then start eating less of arhar dal or add more liquid to it while making.

Benefits of arhar dal:

1. People who sleep in the afternoon get mouth ulcers or if you eat too much or have other stomach problems, then it may cause mouth ulcers. For these cases, put 3-4 spoons or arhar dal in about 2 glasses of lukewarm water. Then strain it, and gargle with it. It will help you greatly with your mouth ulcers.

2. If your Mars is disturbing you a lot, it causes you to sweat a lot which is also very stinky. For this, take 3-4 spoons of arhar dal and grind it. Put a bit of salt and saunth powder in it. Start ingesting with some lukewarm water. It should help. Putting this paste on the forehead will also prove beneficial.

3. If you feel itchy somewhere, put the arhar dal paste on the spot for at least 2-3 hours - don't put any other cloth/bandage on the spot. Do it for a few days - it will prove beneficial.

4. If you take something that makes you feel intoxicated (or if you had too much alcohol), then cook this dal and drink its water. This remedy will help you become more active and get rid of the intoxicated feeling.

5. If you fall down or hurt yourself in some way, put a paste of arhar dal on the spot where you have inflammation and then put a bandage over it. You should have relief overnight if you do this in the night.


akash - 5 years ago 
thank you for the information, the blog is very nice.

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