Astrology/Jyotish - Understand it Better!

December 12, 2014

Normally, people in India refer to astrology in times of marriage compatibility or getting the auspicious time to start something new.  Astrology has 2 parts: the 1st part consists of understanding astronomy & the other is about the effect of the movements in astronomy on people, plants, animals, etc.

Astrology is called "jyotish" in Hindi, which means light - so a good astrologer shows light to others through counselling. It is not meant to disillusion or make one believe in magic or witchcraft. In fact, people who think astrological remedies will do some magic in their lives are greatly disillusioned. 

The below is a short summary of some popular myths about astrology in people's minds and clarifications on each:

Some misconceptions clarified:

1. Astrology = fortune telling - it is a science that not only gives details about one's future but also about the past and present.

2. The future is predetermined - not true! If it were the case, a) there would not be the law of karma; b) there would be no talk of past lives; c)our ancient texts would not have mentioned to meditate or pray to God if one has any problems, sorrow, or pain.

3. Problems and happiness all are created by planets - wrong! The planets only tell of the effects on you. They DO NOT CREATE any problems or happiness for you. For instance, the planets say that one will have 2 children - the children will not be created by a given planet, but the planets only explain that one will have 2 children. The planets' positions in the birth-chart or their representation on one's palm need to be interpreted by a qualified astrologer.

Some people like to make fun of the Indian culture as we Indians worship almost every being. Actually, yes, we do worship everything that gives us something. We are grateful to anything that gives us anything - this includes the plants that give us oxygen as well as cows that give us milk. Similary, we worship planets as the planets too have a profound effect on us give us their rays/energies.

Becoming an astrologer is not a matter of learning this science in a matter of months or even a few years. An astrologer studies for decades and only then STARTS to understand astrology. However, learning some principles of astrology will help one understand the reasons for one's problems in life while also helping to shed the misconceptions about this science.

There are good and bad people in every field, similarly, even in astrology there are some people who misuse the science or who have some basic knowledge and are able to use that knowledge to manipulate others who are desperate or gullible. This does not mean astrology is not worthy to be called a science. Make an informed opinion based on your own experience with astrology instead of believing in hearsay or ill-conceived notions of witchcraft and the likes.

People who do not believe in astrology need to first un-learn what they have learnt about astrology in order to fully appreciate it. So, approach it with an open mind and see the effects on your own life!


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