Astrological Remedies to Conception Problems

July 20, 2014

Children are a touchy subject for many as they are a cause of a lot of worry to parents - from first being worried about conception, to their upbringing, to their settling down in life and finally about whether the children will be with them during their old age. This last one is more of a concern to Indian parents as they are used to the extended family atmosphere and expect their children to be with them in their old age. Although this article will deal mainly with the first worry, the remedies mentioned here will have an affect on the other areas of the child's development too.

Reasons for Problems in Conception:

Physical reasons - these are known to many and people can refer to their doctors for help.

Spiritual - the reason is one's past life (lives); there may have been some karma from past life which has caused one to suffer in this life. In general, the sins we commit, leave an imprint on our soul and those sinful acts therefore make us suffer in the given life and also future lives. In terms of children, the penance for those sins can be that one does not beget any children or if one does, then is unable to have cordial relations with them. So, if one gets to know that one may have done some sinful acts in past lives and wholeheartedly does penance for them, then God does listen and helps one get a child. 

Astrological - If the 5th, 9th, and 11th houses are weak, then one does not get the joy of children, or the joy is limited as the children may be sick most of the time. So it's important to strengthen these houses. If not, then such children can be very weak physcially or mentally. They may problems due to vata, pitta, or kapha (tridosh) -  like hyper-activity, weak spine, bad eyesight, concentration and memory issues, anger and irritation, too inclined towards friends while ignoring family. The main reason for vata, pitta, kapha problems in children is the existence of those problems in their parents.

If the kundali milan of the 5th house of the man and woman is done properly, then the many causes of conception problems can be overcome easily. So if the 5th house is weak in a man, then he should marry someone whose 5th house is strong and vice versa.

When Jupiter and Mars don't match, then the man and fluids don't match up well, despite there being nothing wrong medically.

When a man's Moon, Mars, Jupiter, and Shani are negative and affect the 5th, 6th, and 7th house then this will cause grave problems in conception - not because of the man, but due to medical science. This will cause some biological problems, which will cause the sperm count and quality to be low. 

Some planet being of neecha or some yuti, is not considered negative. For a planet to be negative, the planet has to be strong and has to cause weakness to a house.

A man's kapha should not be negatively affected. A weak Venus of a man can cause conception problems in women. Hence, it's important to get rid of kapha-dosha as soon as possible even in a little boy as it can have repercussions at a later age.

A negative Mars, Jupiter, and Venus will cause one to eat some odd kinds of foods that will cause antibodies in the body which will not allow conception. These will also cause on to catch some infection, cause a bad lifestle, or make one addicted to substances or alcohol. All of these will decrease the ability to conceive. A proof of this can be seen a lot in children nowadays, who have a lot of immunity related problems.


It's necessary to do kundali-milan properly; Mars and Venus's  positions also need to be carefully suggested. 

If a female's brother is much older than her in age, then she needs to be very careful about her body from a young age - especially hormonal issues.

If there is a lot of acidity in the body, then it's very important to be wary of the negative effects of the planets mentioned above (Mars and Venus).

If the female's behavior is not flexible, and the 5th house is not strong, then it will be problematic for the woman to conceive.

Mars, Venus, and Jupiter's negative influence can cause problems in the tubes and hormones. So it's important to get the remedies for these done.

Sometimes, people get abortions done with their own will, but when they truly do want a child, then they don't get one or if they do then the child is weak and does not love them and is stubborn in nature. Do remedies for Jupiter if this is the case.

Also, if Jupiter is weak, then one should not wait more than necessary to decide on having children.

If there are gas issues or too much fat, then that also causes problems in conception. 

Venus causes one to get fat due to hormonal imbalance and can even cause hirsutism (excessive hair growth). As a remedy, wear a "berunj" or "petuniya" in the little finger in silver on a Monday. It can be on either hand's finger.

For women, if your menstrual cycle is irregular, then take a glas bottle, cover it with an orange cellophane, fill it with water, and tighten the lid securely. Keep it in the Sun on a wooden base for 11 days. This can be taken 3 times a day. 

Try to be happy to keep Mars strong. 

Mostly for men, start eating okra without seeds. Do not overcook this vegetable. It will make your semen more fertile and your future child strong.

Use babool to clean your teeth as it increses strength in the body, which will help you make a strong baby.

Take amla juice  - it gets rid of air and pitta issues in the body.

Do the worship of your ishta.

Get rid of pitra dosha with the correct remedies as it can not only weaken the child, but even have a bad effect on his future - especially on Saturdays and amavasya.

Do santaan gopal strotra paath regularly in front of the laddoo gopal and wear the gopal stotra yantra.

Also do harivansh puraan paath. 

If the body weight is too much in either individual, then one should reduce the weight by keeping a check on the diet. One can exercise also, but more emphasis should be on eating healthier.

Wear a "bichhu ghaas" root around the neck in a black thread, as it reduces the ni-santaan dosha.

Reduce your anger.

If you aren't able to beget a child even after a year of doing remedies, then you need to take the remedies more seriously.

Be careful about any thyroid or diabetes related problems; especially if Venus is negative, as it will likely cause thyroid issues.

It's not a good idea to keep laptops in one's lap and work for long hours as it's scientifically proven to cause problems in reproduction.

If you have a lot of morning fatigue, then get your hormones checked.

If you are in an environment whic has a lot of silicones or parabens, then try not be in such atmosphere at all or at least not for long.

Shiva is the deity that needs to be worshipped to beget a child. Hence, a special remedy that can be done during the Shravan days (during the present time period):

- Establish a sfatik/crystal or parad/quicksilver shivling on a Monday; then regularly do abhishek with cow's milk together with your spouse in the following way: put a drop of milk on the shivling and say "namah shivay", then put another drop and say the mantra. Keep doing this for 108 counts x 5 (so a total of 540 times). Along with this, also worship Shivji with "dhatura". This remedy should surely help you get blessings from Shivji in begetting a child.


Monica - 5 years ago 
Name :Monica ,dob:03/11/1992,time :12.30am ,marriage date:27/12/2016,place of birth:kumta,Karnataka.Husband name :Gilbert ,do b:20/09/1983sir when I will have child
Reply By: - 4 years ago 
Monica, specify the Birth time of your Hubby's as well as Place of Birth & confirm whether your marriage is Inter caste Love Marriage?
Sona - 5 years ago 
U have married someone who is 9 years elder to you???
durga - 5 years ago 
astrological remedies for childless couples
Rashmi - 4 years ago 
Rashmi; my date of birth is 24.10.1987 time 8:20 am, husband date of birth 01.03.1983 date of marriage 22.11.2013 when will i ve child?
Vrushali - 4 years ago 
Vrushali my dob is 22.01.1986 time is 00.22 am and husbands name is Amol dob 03.08.1981 time is 19.40 when will we have child ?
DP singh - 4 years ago 
When will we blessed with children Digpal DOB 08/03/1975 time 08 10 am place Kathua Jammu Kashmir Anshu DOB 18/10/1982 time 13 35 pm place Kathua Jammu Kashmir Date of marriage Feb 2009
Girisha - 3 years ago 
Sandhya dob:01/04/1990 time:4.15pm place:Bangalore Girish dob:03/07/1986 time:5.10pm place:tumkur when wil v hve child??
Tanya - 3 years ago 
I am suffering from irregular periods and serious hirsuitism.. is there anything astrology can do in this aspect ?
Asha - 3 years ago 
My birth date 15/1/1992 time 3:15pm mangalore karnataka. Husband s 1/11/1987 time 12:40 pm mangalore karnataka .pleaee tell me when I conceive
Resham - 3 years ago 
My birth date is 26.12.90 time : 12.58 am place : bhopal and my husband s birth date is 13.07.1989 Time 12.52 PM place : jabalpur
Komal - 3 years ago 
My date of birth is 10 April 1991, time 3:10 Am Husband date of birth 26 Aug 1988 When will I have a child
Isha - 2 years ago 
Need to discuss.. please tell how

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