Astrological Reasons and Remedies for Illnesses

March 18, 2015

As illnesses increase, it's important to understand the astrological aspects to add some added protection. Note that any remedies mentioned below can be done in conjunction with the doctor has prescribed. These must not replace medical advice.

Reasons for Illnesses:

The reason for long term illnesses or illnesses that are hard to treat lies in the negative karma from past lives.

One's main planet being weak also makes one susceptible to illnesse by reducing one's immunity.

Anyone who has a "vish-yog" (Shani+Moon conjunct) in their birth-chart, or if Mercury is influenced by Rahu, or if Rahu and Moon are conjunct then such people easily get infected by others or by the negativity in the air.

Additionally, planets that cause illness becoming too strong in your birthchart can cause long term illensses. For instance, a negative Rahu/Moon/Shani/Ketu/Venus can cause one to do things (drink excessive alcohol, eat wrong kinds of food, etc..) that will influence one's health.

Signs of Illness on the Palm:

  • Any islands on the heart or life line denote some kind of illness.
  • A life line that has many cuts on it also shows potential illnesses.
  • Anyone who sweats a lot on the palms is also not a good sign, so be careful about your health.
  • Any star or mole on the mount of Moon denotes problems.
  • If the thumb bends towards the index finger it shows low immunity and willpower.
  • A lifeline that is not properly rounded and pretty much goes straight down on the palm also shows a lowered immunity in the body.


Eat food as per your body type - look into Vaat, Pitta, Kapha to understand the Ayurvedic division of body types.

Take limited amounts of proteins and carbohydrates. 

Drink at least 3l of water everyday if there's no medical contradicting this.

Watch the daily sunrise and do Gayatri mantra

Do "nadi shodhan" everyday.

Never keep trash in your home.

Never have a water tank/jug with water on the dining table or in the middle of the home.

There shouldn't be any water spilled at your home's entrance. This should be kept as dry as possible.

Always wipe up the water after you take a shower. 

If the illness is very serious, start doing "mahamrityunjaya jap" or "sundarkaand paath" or "druga saptashati" or "garud puraan paath" or do "gayatri" yagya.

Keep the color of your main planet with you always.

Keep your cooking stove in the South-East direction or look towards the South-East while cooking if you aren't able to make modfifications.

Take the trash out of the ktichen before sleeping.

People with these Moon signs need to be especially careful about their health: Aries, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Aquarius, Pisces.

General Precautions: 

Take medical advice as soon as you feel unwell.

Start taking "tulsi ark" and "giloy" everyday as a prevention measure. You can add black pepper mix to this if you wish.

Take some turmeric either with plain water or milk to improve your immunity.

Keep "kapoor" with you whenever you go into public. Keep smelling it every now and then to keep your nostril clean.

Use boiled neem leaves as sanitizer - wash your hands with this as much as possible.

Cover your mouth and politely ask others around you to also cover their mouths completely as they are about to sneeze to avoid spreading germs to others.

Final Note: 

We Indians feel it an obligation to visit someone in their sickness to show our compassion for them. This doesn't make sense in light of all the contagious diseases that are going around these days. Please try to avoid this and explain your health concerns as the reason for not visiting the person while they're sick. You may mention that you're looking forward to getting together with them once they have fully recovered. 

Do you have anything more to add? Feel free to leave comments below.


vishnu - 5 years ago 
Awesome post. Loved it.
vishnu - 5 years ago 
Horoscope of a person can show the health status and susceptibility for some disease at certain age etc. Form olden days astrology and the horoscope have been used to track health problems of people.
durga - 5 years ago 
Great post. loved it.
john - 4 years ago 
Awesome info. Thanks for sharing it.

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