Astrological Benefits of Eating Honey

August 25, 2012

As many of you may know, honey is very beneficial for you. Honey has potassium and iron, which bring energy to the body and also help in getting rid of some bacteria.

If you are too slim, then add some honey to your milk and drink it - don't ever boil honey. Doing so will give you more energy and add fat to your body.

If you add honey to water and then drink it, it works towards reducing fat.

Ideally, you should have honey on an empty stomach or 3 hours after eating food for it to be most beneficial for you.

Planetary remedies based on honey:

Mars - if body is weak due to mars, then eat honey to improve your strength.

Jupiter - donate honey and also eat it to make Jupiter balanced.

Sun - keep honey at home and eat it if problems with stomach caused by strong Sun.

Rahu & Ketu - if these 2 planets are putting negative influence, then also you can benefit from eating and donating honey.Donate honey on Shivling.

Honey must be pure. To find out its purity:

1. Take some honey and put in on a table. Wait for a fly, the fly will sit and get off it quickly if the honey is pure. If it's not pure, the fly will be stuck.

2. Try giving some honey to a dog, it will not eat pure honey, but will lick the impure one.

3. If you drop pure honey, it will drop like a long wire and drop down while making curls.

4. Pure honey will not melt immediately in water

5. Honey can turn semi-solid in cold weather

6. A fly/bee will never get stuck on honey

7. Honey in general is quite a slippery substance, if you put drops of water on it, then the water will slide right off

Benefits of Honey:

Eating honey with onion juice, makes the memory stronger and makes one more energetic especially in people who have cough or bad throat as it lowers the congestion due to phlegm.

If your gums are weak, then apply honey to your gums.

Putting it under the eye, removes dark circles.

Honey also makes the brain strong.

Eat honey with milk or in a teaspoon.

Mixing honey with water also keeps your weight in check and makes you energetic.

Honey fixes urine related issues - kidney stones, kidney.

Fixes blood related issues.

Take besan (2 spoons), malai, and (1 spoon) honey paste and apply it to your face like a mask. Then clean your face with cotton for instant glow.


astrloger - 4 years ago 
Thanks for sharing valuable information about astrology in detail

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