Astro Vani's Views on Wearing Rings/Pendants/Bracelets

May 07, 2014

The allure of wearing some gem stone/metal/ or any other object to cure some problems has been used many times by business savvy astrologers and other merchants. While wearing these objects may give out at least some of the desired affects, even if in some cases the person is just experiencing a placebo effect, we'd like to ask you to be more scientific in your approach when going for a ring, pendant, or a bracelet that may have been advised to you by someone (even our own blog).

So let's de-mystify this magical cure all voodoo that the media and some astrologers are spreading about these Tantric remedies. Some of it may seem common sense to you, in which case take this as an affirmation of what you already know.

Before you make the investment into an expensive piece of jewellery, test out the effects on your own with a cheaper alternative. Usually, the merchants/astrologers will give you the recommendation based on your ability to spend. Quoting an example from our own experience, an astrologer once suggested that the "best remedy" would be to buy an INR 300,000 worth rudraksh necklace from them - if we can afford it. Words to note "if we can afford" - leading us to believe that the astrologer was only interested in making money for himself and not necessarily in what's the best for the "jaatak" as they say.

  • For instance, as a sapphire is expensive, start by first wearing an iron ring in your middle finger on a Saturday by first doing the Shani mantra (om pram preem prom sah shanischaraaya namaha) and seeing the effects.
  • Note down any behavioral changes in a notebook and see if they are positive or negative.
  • For instance, has your reaction/feelings in certain scenarios changed after wearing the ring? Do you get headaches or feel more depressed or do you generally feel happier? Do you notice any black/red moles forming on the finger or on the mount - if yes, the iron and the blue sapphire rings are not for you.
  • Do this for at least a week or two.
  • Also note down any behavioral changes noticed by others around you.
  • If after this trial period you notice mostly positive effects, you can continue to wear the iron ring and then later on switch to the blue sapphire if you can afford it.
  • If the experience has been negative, you probably have enough/balanced Shani/Saturn energy in you and don't need the ring to increase it even further.

Even if a pandit or anyone else were to tell you to wear a certain ring, you should check out the reaction for yourself as it is possible that they may make some mistakes in their calculations or perhaps the nurse/parents noted your time of birth wrong.

Finally, even if you can't afford a ring, remember that the best remedy is to start changing your way of thinking for the positive and keep things like ego, anger, jealousy...out of your personality. As we've mentioned on another post (based on Mr. Pawan Sinha's suggestions), the wearing of objects is down in the list of things that can have an affect in making you succesful.

We hope we've not offended anyone by writing this and please forgive us if we have. :-) We'd be happy to add on to this post if you'd like to share your experiences for the benefit of others (reduce that "Anjaan Rin") ;-).


Sumit - 5 years ago 
True I hav experienced good result post wearing it. My blocked work starting resolving. There was behavioural change in me.i took risks and got benefitted. People blocking my way were exposed and were unable to blame me .
Rahul - 4 years ago 
Very well explained
Rahul - 4 years ago 
Rightful explanation without any greed in intentions like mostly astrologers have
Gul - 4 years ago 
Whr can i buy the ring .i live in spain

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