Are you happy? :-)

November 15, 2013

We all are always working to attain happiness, but despite our best of efforts it's getting harder and harder to be happy.

The best way to spread happiness is to share your happiness in a way that brings about happiness in others' lives too. You can make others laugh, give advice to others, or do anything else to make others positive. This also helps get rid of "rin-dosh".

If you do not have any "rin" or debts on you, then you'll be generally happy and lucky.

The vedas mention 3 types of debts - towards the isht (your personal God), Guru (your mentor), and Pitra (ancestors). Astro uncle Pawan Sinha adds 2 more to these - debts towards one's parents and towards one's country.

If you do something everyday with which you keep repaying the above debts in some form everyday, then although you may also go through bad times, these times will pass very quickly.

So how does getting rid of these debts work towards making you happy?

- By sharing oneself, one improves his Sun, Moon, and Jupiter. If your Moon, Jupiter, or Sun are strong, then you're able to share your thoughts with others and speak the truth. Additionally, by helping others, Shani does not give bad effects even if it is negative in the birthchart.

Success in life depends on a good daily routine. If

  • you are disciplined,
  • wake up on time,
  • pay your respects to the Sun,
  • meditate,
  • take balanced food,
  • don't talk unnecessarily,
  • don't waste your time roaming around,
  • are focused on your goals,
  • sleep on time,
  • respect your elders
  • love your younger sibling or ones who are younger than you and
  • repay your 5 debts in some form everyday, then you should lead a successful life.
If you keep meditating and praciticing, then you can pontentially gain more talents or improve on your existing ones. How to do this?

- You should first sit facing the Sun, then do the aditya-hridya-stotra paath 3 times, after that offer water to the Sun. Afterwards, start working on your negative points and getting rid of your ego - be humble. If you feel offended when someone tells you your weak point, then it's a bad sign as you can no longer progress. Instead, you should thank the person who pointed out your weakness and work on improving yourself in those areas. This will make you more positive.

Many children do not discuss their problems with their parents or do not respect their parents, while they do discuss their problemsand heed the advice of friends. This habit causes tensions and anxiety and leads to the lack of happiness. So, the first thing to do is to satisfy your family members and only then keep outsiders happy. This will help improve your Moon (mother), Sun (father), Mars (brother), and Mercury (sister) and you will be more happy and will develop your talents further.


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