Are you getting wrongfully blamed for things you weren't involved in?

October 23, 2013

Many people get blamed unnecessarily for things they may not have done or taken part in.

Whenever the 5, 9th, or the 10th house are weak and the Sun and Moon are weak, it causes one to be blamed for things done by others. There is also a big role of Rahu in this.

There are also some birth charts which have some sort of curse (shraap), whereby even when a person thinks about helping another, that other person starts a fight with the person whose intentions were to help the other person. This curse is generated by Shani and Rahu, whereby it effects Shani, Rahu, Sun, and Moon. In other cases, if someone with a weak Jupiter is actively involved in social work or work that involves interaction with the masses, then that person keeps facing blames and criticisms for most of his life - regardless of the person's involvement.

As remedies one needs to follow these guidelines throughout life:

- don't speak too much, just speak to the point and also think of the consequences before speaking - this curse starts with your voice, but sometimes this curse will cause you to say something which will cause the other person to doubt your intentions

- start doing gayatri paath for 108 times everyday by concentraing on the Sun and thinking that you are in the Sun's light and are being engrossed in the light - ideally at sunrise

If you are already suffering from being falsely accused:

- wear a gomati chakra and manikya (if you have a lot of problems) in a silver pendant on a Sunday

- find a place in your home which is not fully cemented - dig it up a bit and bury a copper vessel containing milk, "rai" seeds, and some holy basil (tulsi) leaves in the soil. If you can't do this in the home, then do this at a place where there is a peepal or a banana tree. You should see improvements within a year to prevent wrongful blame on you - remember - the blame has to be wrongful.


Rahul - 4 years ago 

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