Are You Eating Astrologically Correct Food?

October 22, 2014

Planets and Their Effects:

If you take less of calcium and vitamins and more of junk food, then it shows a negative Sun. Someone with a strong Sun will eat more nutritious food will thus have good self-confidence and will power as well.

A negative Shani will make one eat more of black lentils (urad dal) and bitter food items. Such people will never eat their food at an appropriate time - they may eat late at night for instance. They will have a tendency to eat more than their stomachs can handle and will want to sleep soon after eating. They will also drink more tea or coffee.

A good Mars makes one go towards vegetarianism. It has been seen that people who used to be failing in life and were now progressing underwent a gradual change towards more nutritious, simple, and vegetarian food, causing more success from Mars.

Whenever Mars has a negative effect, it makes one eat more meat or have a desire to eat meat, hence causing problems to the spleen, liver, or kidney. People with negative Mars may even refuse to go to places or invites where there are no meat options for them.

A sudden urge to eat a lot of sweets is not a good indication. It shows Venus turning negative, so be careful about this.

Problems in nerves is caused by an increase of the Shani element in the body. If one eats food that increases Vaat/food that causes gas in the body, then surely one can expect more problems in the nerves.

Whenever there is a planetary change in one's life, then too one's food habits change.

Eating Style and Personality:

People who eat a lot - as if there's no tomorrow - they have low will-power; are easily influenced by politics; they also like to create conspiracies.

People who pick and choose each grain of food they put in their mouth usually have some kind of personal problems.

People who find faults in their food - shows some illness.

People who eat too fast - shows increase in anxiety in the future; their heart rate is usually faster than usual too

People who chew loudly while eating - they make their luck negative and also decrease their personality; it also shows problems in blood, skin, and also a weak heart.

People who like to find out how something was made and like to criticize how something was made usually have problems with their stomach.

People who leave food in their plates have to face some serious misfortune in their lives.


How often do you eat junk food like chaat, pizza, burgers, patties, samosas, noodles, ice-cream, biscuits, namkeen, chips, ketchup?

If you eat these more than once a week, then it can cause a lot of problems on you and also your children. These cause pitta in the body which can cause problems to skin among other problems.

If you eat meat, then too it is not something that has any positive connotations in astrology.

Do you drink bitter coffee or strong tea? Drinking more than 2 cups is not good. If you drink a lot of tea (more than 2 cups), don't put too much milk or sugar in the tea.

How much alcohol do you drink? Any amount of alcohol is bad especially for people whose Shani, Mars, or Jupiter are negative. Such people should even stay away from the smell of alcohol or from people who are drinking alcohol.

How often do you eat food not cooked in the home? Try not to eat that more than twice in a week - especially people whose Mercury is weak.

Foods to Avoid For Each Zodiac Sign (Based on your Moon sign):

Aries: too much sugar and spices

Taurus: spices and too much milk

Gemini: any food that causes gas

Cancer: don't take anything that is cold

Leo: stay away from bitter things; try to always eat home-made food; don't eat food that has too much fat

Virgo: non-vegetarian and bitter foods

Libra: sugar; packaged juices; too much of fruits

Scorpio: eat less of cucumber and raw tomatoes

Sagittarius: bitter and food that is very hot (in terms of spiciness - not temperature)

Capricorn: eat less meat;

Aquarius: eat less of cold or bitter foods

Pisces: eat less of cold or bitter foods, and food that causes gas.


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