Ancestors' Debts - Pitra Dosh

August 03, 2013

It is true that ancestors' debts/pitra dosh do not let us live in peace, which makes our life full of struggles.  I will refer to this debt - as pitra dosh in the rest of the article.

Pitra dosh causes all kinds of problem to the person whose reasons are very hard for one to understand. We keep asking ourselves "why are these problems coming to me only", a major reason for this could be rin dosh which is very hard to get rid of despite all sorts of remedies. This article will deal with some of the problems that the rin dosh causes and their remedies. For instance, why are someone's children suffering so much (santaan-dosh)? Why do some men never have good luck with women (stri-dosh)? Why do some women have bad luck with men (purush-dosh)? Why are some people unable to have any children (vansh-dosh)?

If your birth-chart has pitra-dosh then you have to do remedies for years to get rid of your problems. These remedies are mentioned below.

Pitra dosh has different kinds of effects on different people:

a. one may not be able to extend his family to the next generation; family starts getting smaller

b. some families always keep fighting amongst themselves and they're unable to stop their quarrels

c. one's things keep getting sold off for lack of money

d. one keeps failing in business/his work

e. one is unable to get married

f. wealth will come in, but not stay in the family

g. plants and animals don't flourish in such homes

h. the social status of the family decreases

i. the home seems lonely

j. some part of the house never get fully constructed or some part of the house start breaking away.

k. the diseases in such families never go away, there's always some kind of illness present

l. the head of the family keeps getting ill; or he/she may have some grave ill

m. the paint of the home starts withering away. and then breakages appear in the walls

n. as you enter the house of such families, you see/face dirty water

o. the guests coming in the house don't leave in a satisfied manner

p. women of the house go through abortions

q. despite all the material things, the members of the family go though problems

r. the children go through a lot of problems in business and in their jobs

s. there are increased disagreements between brothers and sisters (siblings)

t. there are more quarrels between husband and wife

u. the wife and her in-laws or the husband and his in-laws don't see eye to eye with each other; but as these people start living away from each other, then there's more love between them.

v. families have issues with their stomach, blood pressure or blood related problems, whitening of hair before time

w. children in such families don't get good education despite their efforts

Every year there are certain days which are specially meant for remembering our ancestors, these are called 'shraadh paksh' belonging to the "pitra paksh". These days come about in the month of "Ashwiini" on the first day of "Amavasya" as per the Hindu calendar. During these times, one keeps a fast and does other prayers and worshipping for ancestors.

How to worship your pitra:

During the worship, it's very essential to be humble. It's best if all members of the family take part in it. If it's not logistically possible, then every member of the family should start the prayer at the same time. Doing this kind of prayer ensures at least one big problem, which had been stuck for a long time to be resolved after the prayers are done (within a year).

You need to meditate and pray to your 'isht" and your ancestors. Do "shaanti paath" and "pitra-gayatri" mantra.

Sit peacefully, and connect with your ancestors through meditation. Offer your ancestors some water, ask them for forgiveness, and do some (anonymous) donation for sure.

Donation of food, apart for the donation to a temple and priest, take out 3 sections of food for: a dog, a cow, and a crow; also donate something for the physically challenged people.

If you're continuously facing failures and problems and you feel tired and ask God about your fault. They you need to understand that you may have "rin-dosh" - caused by Ketu, Mercury, and Jupiter.

When Venus and Jupiter aren't good then they cause problems in getting children and home life. Or it causes your child to not listen to you, or perhpas there's no emotional connect with the chld, or your child goes through a lot of problems, or causes the child to not get a good spouse. If you're having problems in regards to your child, then both the parents need to do these remedies together.

Remedies - make Jupiter strong:

  • Get up in the morning
  • take some water in a copper vessel
  • Offer water to the Sun first
  • Then fill the vessel with water again, face the South direction and offer it to you ancestors
  • Ask your ancestors for forgiveness of your mistakes and bad habits; on this note, people who like other's work, give credit for even their work to others, ask for forgiveness even for a small mistake, their Jupiter improves and makes them good leaders.
  • Take part in caring for a temple/place of worship - but this should be without any gains (not being a member of any committee or another group).
  • On ekadashi, plant peepal trees and donate rice.
  • On the day of Triyodashi - ask forgiveness from your ancestors and lie in the feet of Maa Durga/Shivji and pray.
  • Either on the day of ekadashi or amavasya - make a resolution to stop eating meat. It's not good to eat meat and should be stopped immediately.
  • On amavasya, also pay respects and offer food to some saadhu/sant/.
  • Do a fast (vrat) for a religious ceremony (anushthaan), which benefits poor children.
  • Do a fast to care for living beings. Teach your kids not to hurt a living being - if the child does it, tell them to say sorry to the being and to never do it again.
  • People who have a lot of problems in marriage or getting married: on "duadashi", they need to remember their ancestors and offer sweet chappatis and besan sweets. This also helps in Mangal-dosh.
  • If you do any prayer in a group/ or as a whole family out loud, then you get bigger benefits.
  • On 'pitra visarjan amavasya' day, do the following remedies:
  • make your place pure
  • invite your Gods
  • invite your ancestors
  • All members of the family should get together around the "hawan kund" fire and then do Pitra Gayatri paath. Make sure everyone has a coconut and 1 rupee (some money).
  • The head of the family should have a turmeric root bead in his right hand with 108 seeds in it. This will be used to count the no. of mantras.
  • The rest of the family members should have a turmeric seed in their left hand. The right hand will be used to offer "ahuti" to the fire. The ahuti should have sesame seeds and flowers; you should have "samvidha" of mango tree wood  or palaash wood.
  • Then everyone needs to loudly say at least 5x108 mantra: "Om graam greem grom sah guruvay namaha - savaaha (throw ahuti in fire when saying this)". Below is a video of this mantra if you'd like to hear the correct pronuncation.
  • Donate the money and turmeric to a temple and throw coconut in to flowing water.
  • Feed some "kusht rogi"/lepers.
  • This needs to be done in cooperation by the family members - someone does one thing, another does another thing.
  • Children should also take part in such prayers.
  • Take some food out for: a dog, a cow, and a crow.
  • Do light an evening candle on this day.
  • Call saints, intelligent people, or kind hearted people to your home and offer your respects. Or you can listen to their talks or read their work.
  • Plant a peepal and banana tree, but the banana tree should not be planted in your home.
  • Create a happy environment in your home.
  • The homes in which women and the elderly are respected don't generally have pitra dosh.
  • Homes in which the kids are having a hard time getting married, then the children of these homes should wear a root of the sweet lemon tree (naarangi) in an orange thread in the morning or after the prayers are done.
  • The "anjaan rin"/debt of unknown people - can be "repaid"/done on this day too. Such dosh causes problems from the 47th year of the person's life, wealth and repute will become limited, there will be different accusations imposed, some woman may accuse you of being an immoral person, there can be severe accusations which can also cause you to go through some punishment (jail time). Such person's dog suddenly goes away somewhere/gets lost. The nails start to deteriorate and friends turn into enemies. Memory starts weakening and one goes through a lot of problems due to bad decisions.
  • Such people need to offer water to the ancestors and ask for forgiveness from them.
  • They should do ekadashi shraad. On that day, help an unknown person - donate rice/some other kind of wheat to unknown people.
  • On amavasya, take one coconut from each family member and throw in river; make sure you have good relations with your in-laws on this day.

Along with the above, if you have problems in regards to your child, then:

  • Feed 100 cows at least once a year.
  • Take the responsiblity of a child/ long distance adoption is a good and practical option you may want to consider.
  • Help the person whom you may have cheated - knowingly or through some compulsion.
  • The Guru, whom you may have left then establish the relations above. Or if you have stopped going to temple, then restart that. Or if you have stopped giving food to cow that you used to before, then restart this. Give anonymous donation for a broken temple/place of worship.

People who aren't able to conceive due to pitra dosh, provided both the man and woman are physically fine, then they may need to do the followng remedies:

- you will not have kids easily if you had killed somebody in the past life; you need to repent
- if you've tortured people/animals due to strength in the past life, then too you don't get kids or if you do, then you will face a lot of problems from them.
- if you've tortured a pregnat woman in this or past life, then it's very hard to get the love of your child
- if due to your bad behavior, you've misbehaved/or caused a lot of problems to a saint/guru, then you will immediately start having problems with the child.
- if you've destroyed trees (example, via some development work) , but have not planted any new trees, then too begetting a child will be problematic. You should plant 5 for every 1 that you've destroyed.

Here are 2 other mantras you can do:


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What is shidbi

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