A Positive Sun = Success!

March 25, 2014

One can not be successful, get love from father, be more self-confident, or have a good reputation unless one's Sun is positive.

Practical Remedies to make Sun positive:

Start writing the name "Ram" as much as you can, but write it at least 108 times. This will make you popular with people who are in high positions.

People whose Sun is very weak should never leave salt in their plate of food or drop salt in any manner. If you do drop salt and it's on a clean spot (like on a clean kitchen counter), then you can scoop it up and put it back in the container. If the salt is dropped on a dirty place and it would be unwise to put it back in the container, ask someone else to pick it up for you and throw it away. To clarify, throwing away salt is not going to harm you, but if your Sun is negative and you are essentially wasting salt then it will cause you some loss.

Sun can also cause tensions in one's married life. It can even cause problems to the skin in the form of scaly skin or small pimples. One also feels too much heat. A negative Sun can also cause indigestion. So, as a remedy, drink more water. At night, put some water in a copper vessel and drink it in the morning while chanting "om ghrini suryaaya namaha". Another thing that can be done is that one can wear a copper coin in a white thread around one's neck on a Sunday and not wear gold.

If your Sun is very weak, then try to do any important work only after eating some gud/jaggery beforehand.

Letting go of some small piece of copper in flowing water on a Sunday sometimes also helps makes the Sun positive.

Lastly, you should give drinking water to your father in a copper container to help make your Sun better.


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