A few Vaastu secrets

August 13, 2013

There are a few vaastu secrets with which you can decrease some of your sadness in your lives. You can pick and choose some of these and see the positive effects they bring to you and your family.

The entrance to the door is very important. It's height should be about a foot higher than the owner of the house. If it's lower, it has some effects on the health and reputation of the owner.

If someone has Earth (Prithvi tatv.) strong, then such people should stay on ground or maximum 1st floor. This can be checked from the Kundali (look for the tatv). Aaakash tatv is good for people who are planners/thinkers. Execution/practical or routine work is done by the Prithvi tatv.

People who reflect, think about new ideas, plan, and philosophize should never stay in a closed space. This is also true for people who worry a lot, otherwise it will cause them various diseases to stay in closed room. Students should also not stay in rooms where there is not much sunlight otherwise their capabilities will decrease.

People who get easily irritated or are irritable or full of anger should sleep in the North area of the house. They should sleep so the feet are in North while sleeping and the head is in the South. They should have fresh air and sunlight in the room to lower their anger. Such people should never have bright colors like bright green, bright yellow, and blood red as the color of the walls or in the form of curtains or bedsheets.

People who are always in tensions/anger/irritated/are lazy due to stress, then such people should make use of cotton fabrics in their rooms. The colors can be either light blue, white, or pink. Don't use any other colors in this room. Don't put iron objects in the room at all. You can use wooden or glass items.

People who have anxiety, are depressive, lack enthusiasm in life, have problems with heart and head, such people should have pay attention that their room is always in the North. While sleeping the head should be in the South. Such people should have sunlight in their room. Putting a picture of your guru or something that inspires you (not God's picture) should also be placed in the room in such a way that it's the last thing you see before going to sleep and first thing you see when you get up.

People who have anxiety, are irritable, depressive, have headaches should also have a small area for meditation in the South-East side of the room, where one can sit between 20:00 - 23:00 after lighting a candle - do not put God's photo there.
- You can also have a small "hawan-kund" in this area where you can light some "guggul" and pure "kapoor" mornings and evening.
- Your head-board of the bed should not be too high or full of many things, as it doesn't allow you to have a good sleep.
- Don't bring shoes/sandals that are made of leather into your room - or your kitchen.
- Put a vessel filled with water near your head rest - you can also put a coconut in the water.
- If there's a lot of tensions and stress in the home, make sure there are many holy-basil (tulsi in Hindi) plants in the home. Put the plant in the room during the day and keep rotating it with the other plants as it won't survive in a room for too long. Make sure the green and black plants of holy basil are togehter (rama-shyama).
- When you start getting your house built, make sure it is as per your (the payer's) kundali - the muhurat is usually taken by the general "muhurat" time, but it will be more beneficial for you if the time is reached after checking your horoscope.
- If you're buying an apartment, then buy and wash it according to your Moon sign.
- Toilet should ideally be in the South-west to West direction of the home. You can also put a septic tank in this direction.
- While sitting on the toilet, you should face the South or West. If you can't make the changes in the toilet, then you can change where you face when you sit on the toilet. This improves problems related to stomach.
- The trashcan should be in the middle of West and South.
- Bathroom should be in the middle of the South and South-west direction or South-west and West directions. If the bathroom is not in the right direction, then place a couple of money-plants there.

How to start cleaning as per your Moon sign:

Leo, Virgo, Libra - cleaning should start from the South-east direction (aagnay kon)
Scorpio, Saggitarius, Capricorn - start cleaning from North-east (ishaan kon)
Aquarius, Pisces, Aries - should start cleaning from the North-west
Taurus, Gemini, Cancer - should start cleaning from the
This improves the wealth improving vaastu of the home.


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