5 Problems in Life

July 22, 2013

Very often in life, we feel that we're surrounded by many problems. However, in reality, there are only 5 things that can be wrong with us. These are to do with: work, anger, greed, lust, and ego. These give rise to other problems in our lives. It's not that others create problems for us. Many times, it's us on our own who create these problems for us which causes a similar reaction on us by others.

These 5 issues need to be put into check as per ancient Indian texts. In fact, a proper Guru makes sure that apart from helping learn the basic subjects, the student does not have any issues with these 5 problems either.

WORK: This is not just physical work, but mostly mental. We may be great at our physical work, but if it is not matched by our mental work, then it causes bad effects on the face and hands. To overcome this problem, read good books, eat good food, be in the company of good people, and do some sort of spiritual practice. Ends and means both should be purified.

ANGER: Anger can destroy your knowledge, personality, family, and your standing in society. Neuro-trnasmitters, hormones, hypothalamus and amagdalena are effected badly when we get angry. It eventually leads to us not having control over our bodily functions even. Too much anger can even cause you heart problems, blood pressure, mental disorders, memory problems, and the connection between brain and parts of the body. It causes headache, problems to eyes, throat, heart, acidity, and gas in stomach, and problems to private parts of the body. It causes their offsprings to have issues with liver, lungs, memory issues, emotional or other behavioral issues. It also causes attention deficit disorder as they're not able to use their full energy. They also have weak legs. Their hormonal disbalance also causes lower glucose and hence other diseases. Next time you get anger, you will notice that you get very tired afterwards as the anger greatly depletes your energy.

What to do to lower/stop anger:

  • Don't wear gold.
  • Wear more silver and drink water from a pure silver glass at least 5 times a day while facing North. Take a long breath before drinking water.
  • Try to remember some good joke to avoid getting angry.
  • Take a deep breath when you feel like getting angry.
  • Don't wear manik, moonga, panna, or red chandan mala.
  • Don't eat too much of sweet or spicy things.
  • Try not to suppress anger - it causes your personality to go weaker
  • Try to start thinking about something else when you get angry
  • Do anulom vilom - it will increase oxygen to your brain
  • Never take your anger out on yourself as it would be very dangerous to you
  • If you're angry about being a failure in life, do the mantra of your "isht" and do a mantra of your main planet; you can then start getting the things you want in life
  • Eat juicy fruits
  • Whenever there is not enough calcium in life, it causes a lot of anger, so increase intake of calcium
  • Do the OM mantra properly after lighting a candle in the evening
  • Go to your Guru - who can help you in life
  • Give gud/jaggery to cow
  • Do asht-gand tilak on your forehead: kasturi, white chandan, agar, tagar, red  chandan, go-rochan, kesar, and kapoor.

GREED: If you use work to get success or exploit others, it causes bad effects on you in mid-life as well as causes problems in married life. If you're too greedy, it can cause problems to your face and hands. It causes issues with head, throat, back and stomach. After mid-life, it can cause you to go towards a secluded lifestyle

Worship lord Ganesha or Narayana (om narayana namo namah) to lessen greed and bring about purity.

LUST: If you love someone or something more than necessary, it is lust. It causes impurity. Lust is based on selfishness which is different from love which is selfless. Lust is limited, while love is limitless. A bad Moon causes lust. There are 4 types of people: one goes from darkness to darkness, darkness to light, light to darkenss, and the last one goes from light to light. The better the Moon and Jupiter, the better the person becomes and the better company he has.

EGO: Causes bad effects from Mars, Shani, and Rahu. No matter whatever you earn, never be egoistic. Egoistic people always attribute their success to themselves, their work, and their good talents. You get success from 24 years of age to 28, but after 39 to 45 they get shocks in life. When their son is 11 years old, it exacerbates their downfall in terms of wealth, reputation, and work. Do gayatri yag to get rid of ego. You can use this video to help you pronounce the gayatri mantra correctly: 


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