3 Big Symptoms to 3 Big Problems...& Their Remedies

September 13, 2012

If you notice these happening often, be careful:Mouth Drying, Mouth Ulcers, and Getting Your Tongue Bitten by Your Teeth

1. Mouth becoming dry - lowers good reputation gradually; can cause problems to father; or problem in your relationship with your father. Bad for bone and blood. There may be problems in your present position, school or college or work place due to which you may want a change. Your memory may also be weakening; you get nervous easily, your anxiety and frustration may also increase. REMEDY: Stop eating heavy food. Donate urad and roti to the poor. Give water to sun in a copper vessel until the problem persists. Start using fennel, mishri, and dried coconut regularly. Stay away from any kind of addiciton - tobacco/alcohol/etc. Don't eat anything that gives instant energy. Stay away from high protein food. Donate milk and wheat for 11 Sundays. Stay away from drinking milk at night.

2. Mouth ulcers - This is generally a problem of the stomach caused by too much Pitta. This will cause you to eat irregulary, or sleep irregulary. This also happens when you take too much of acidic or bitter things. This means you'll have a lot of tension in the coming time or you may be going through it currently. The tension can increase and cause harm to your reputation. If you have repeated ulcers, then your weakenss in your language will cause some problems in your relationships. Also is a sign of problems in wealth. To save your health, reputation, and wealth:
REMEDIES: Eat and drink in copper vessels for a long time. Donate 5 copper utensils at least once a month on Wednesdays for 11 months. Donate urad and mustard oil. Don't wear black clothes. Also limit use of red and green clothes. Drink more water. Do mantra "Om shraam shreem shrom sah chandramasay namah" in moonlight.

3. Tounge getting bitten - Your focus is getting disturbed. You're losing patience and your anger is increasing. This means that friends are turning into foes. Also means that friends are doing and saying bad things about you. Wear a copper ring in your ring finger or wear a copper bracelet on Tuesday. Wear a red+yellow thread in your right hand. Stop wearing red clothes. Or you can stop wearing black clothes. Start meditating and improving your focus.


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